A Parent's Reflections after year 1

I just picked up my DS after his last final. Some observations on his first year experience at Rhodes:

  1. Rhodes does a good job of teaching students how to write
  2. Rhodes has done a lot to improve his critical thinking
  3. The professors do not hand out As like candy - you have to work hard to earn high grades
  4. My son has developed wonderful relationships with professors outside of class
  5. My son is happy he chose a LAC in a city vs. one in the boonies

Overall, I’m very pleased with how Rhodes is preparing him for the future


ditto that.
And to add:
It has taught him how to study - he has had to readjust how he studies - for the better might I add.
He has made some great new friends.
He loves Memphis - thinks home city is way too quiet - and they are the same size population-wise.

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