A Pretty Stupid Ques. but..

<p>what are your first reactions when you see that you've been waitlisted from a school that was your absolute favorite or your 'safety school'?</p>

<p>It is better than being outright rejected. So I will be both sad and happy.</p>

<p>I've yet to be waitlisted so far. Rejected yes, haha, but not waitlisted. I already got into some nice places, so at this point, any rejections/waitlists would just be temporary blows to my ego.</p>

<p>I haven't been waitlisted, but I was deferred from Yale EA (my "absolute favorite", as you say), which is pretty similar. </p>

<p>I was OBSESSED with Yale then so I cried for a day! I got over it after the "mourning period" though, and got ready the rest of my apps. :)</p>

<p>hmm.. for me NWU was a 'safety'.. n i got rejected!..</p>

<p>my reaction.. Bah!.. their loss :D</p>

<p>I was deferred from Stanford EA, but in the week prior I had thoroughly convinced myself I would be rejected, so I was like <em>relieved sigh</em> "alrighty then."</p>

<p>I was ****ed. Lol, it's not that bad a word! Fricken Northeastern!</p>

<p>Well, when i got waitlisted at Uchicago, I was kind-of upset, but tbh, there's really not much you can do about it :)</p>

<p>"hmm.. for me NWU was a 'safety'.. n i got rejected!..</p>

<p>my reaction.. Bah!.. their loss "</p>

<p>northwestern? how is that a safety for anyone?</p>

<p>i got waitlisted at northwestern, and i wasnt really sure how to feel. </p>

<p>i know it's really hard to get into, but i always just kind-of assumed i would get in, even though that was ridiculous. my counselor was also pretty confident, too...</p>

<p>but everyone i tell keeps saying how good it is to be waitlisted, because it's so competitive. and i also know i still have (however slim) a chance, so that helps.</p>

<p>i was disappointed, but certainly not crushed.</p>

<p>i honestly cried after being rejected EA from stanford, but i soon realized it wasn't my favorite school and moved on. </p>

<p>i then got waitlisted at WUSTL, which kind of came as a shock because i was expecting to get in. i know wash u isn't easy but everyone sort of told me that i was going to get in, no problem. i don't want to make excuses for myself, but i think part of the reason i got WL is because i didn't show much interest toward them and i didn't interview, so i only have myself to blame.</p>

<p>but northwestern said yes, so i'm not hung up over that waitlist anymore lol...</p>