a Q about CAD

<p>what type of engineers use the CAD or other programmes in real life?</p>

<p>i think M E and Civils do but are there others?</p>

<p>i like CAD, i'm learning about autoCAD in my first year, its pretty interesting.</p>

<p>i'm planning to go for engineering, but not completely sure yet because of the stuff you guys said about BME.....i'll maybe try Chem E.</p>

<p>so basically i just wanted to know if Chem E or BMEs used CAD?</p>

<p>Many types of engineers COULD use CAD, though most don't use it very much. ChemEs and BMEs could use CAD but I'd say it is less likely than MEs and Civils.</p>


<p>i guess so.</p>

<p>I'll give you some insight as to what NASA uses:</p>

<p>Unigraphics and Solidworks.</p>

<p>(They will not touch AutoCAD anymore)</p>

Unigraphics and Solidworks.


<p>Ditto at NASA GSFC (in my limited experience).</p>

<p>CAD is like programming languages, though. Once you've mastered one, it's only a slight pain in the rear to pick up another one, and you can do it pretty quickly. Lots of CAD suites out there, and preferences vary from field to field and from company to company.</p>

<p>Wiss Janney uses AutoDesk. Walter P Moore uses Microstation. Lockheed Martin uses something from IBM. Chances are reasonably good that you're going to have to pick up another program when you get into industry, so for now, just learn whatever's convenient.</p>