A Question About Diversity

I originally posted this on the Yale RD discussion, but it sort of got lost, so here I am again with the same question:

“To all alumni and any current students that may be viewing this discussion - what’s (or what was) diversity really like at Yale (racial, religious, socio-economic etc. - all facets of diversity)? As I have gotten mixed feedback from the people I’ve talked to (everything from “everyone is white” to “one of the most diverse schools out there”), and would like to know more about other people’s experiences.”

Both statements are true: Everything is white and Yale is one of the most diverse schools out there.

Look at the recent admissions stats from HYP:

@fizzy10 - I answered you on the other thread. Go check. Gibby gave you good information about numbers, but I spoke more to how it feels to be a minority on campus. You need to take the numbers in context.