a question about ESSAY length and format


<li>Is a 600 words for a suggested 400-500 word essay too much?</li>
<li>Should essays be single spaced?</li>
<li>If applying online, should essays be uploaded or pasted on?</li>
<li>Should one have a title for the essay?</li>

<p>thanks alot</p>


<p>anyone know?</p>

<p>Well i made a similar post about length, and got no response; i think it should be fine though. Everything else is sort of up to you, i doubt it will make any difference. Personally, i'm single spacing my essay (570 words) and i don't have a title.</p>

<li>As long as it's not rambling or superfluous info, then 600 words should be fine.</li>
<li>I pasted.</li>
<li>No titles for mine.</li>