A question about Literature

<p>I've always wanted to know this. So, I know that the Math Subject tests test something totally different than the reasoning test tests (wow, that's fun to say). The subject tests are all about doing "actual math" while the reasoning test is about reasoning skills related to math. </p>

<p>Can the same be said for Literature and CR? Is literature simply a harder version of CR or does it test different ideas entirely (as the maths do)?</p>

<p>I think it depends. In a way, the material is sort of the same, but the reading for lit was harder for me because I never read poetry or pieces written before the 1800s, both of which CB loves to test on the subject test but largely ignore on the reasoning. So you could say that the lit test has more breadth. However, I got an 800 on lit (compared to 760 on CR) because there were no sentence completions, which I am completely terrible at. Do a few practice tests and see for yourself.</p>