a question about SENDING Scores mistake

What do colleges see on the score report? Here is the situation, i had originally signed up for collegeboard in 9th grade with an immature email address like “<a href="mailto:gamergod2001@hotmail.com”>gamergod2001@hotmail.com</a>" or something similiar to that.

I have never bothered to change that. I registed and took the Oct sat. I released all my scores on Oct.20th. On that score report which i had to pay 7 bucks for, i changed my email.

Im wondering on the Oct sat free score report one, will colleges see my updated email or still gamergod? Damn. i know this might be trivial but it certinaly isnt a good idea for them to see it. thanks

<p>hmm me too.. i signed up with collegeboard on a diff email address than i gave to colleges</p>