A question (or two actually) - please answer it ASAP

<p>Hi. The reason I am asking you guys to answer it before tonight is because tommorow is the last day to make changes to my schedule.</p>

<p>My tentative senior year schedule:</p>

<li>CP Eng</li>
<li>AP stats</li>
<li>AP Art History</li>
<li>AP Econ/ AP Poli Sci</li>
<li>PE/Open period</li>
<li>CP Physics
Off-Campus (1st semester)</li>
<li>Community College - Intro to Marketing</li>
<li>(not sure) Community College - another business/management class?
I have taken AP Bio and Honors Chemistry. Originally I got permission and signed up for AP Physics, but my counselor advise me not to take AP cause the AP teacher is a GPA Killer and I am not going into engineering. However, the CP teacher is not lenient on grading too. How important is CP Physics for a person who is going into Undergrad business/econ major? Or else I can take a business class for that period.</li>

<p>One more question. I am from California. Intro to Marketing at my local community college is a NON-UC approved course. UCs don't look at 12th grade GPA, but privates do. Private colleges don't care it's not UC-approved right? And UC does look at my 12th grade schedule. Do they not count a non-UC approved course as a class?</p>

<p>Honestly, I would not worry about Physics. If you've taken others sciences, you should be fine.</p>

<p>Don't worry about CP Physics, if your going into business, I would just say take that business class for that period.</p>

<p>I have no ideas about UC.</p>