A Question to GWU students/alumni

<li><p>How good is the department of Tourism and Hospitality Management at GWU?</p></li>
<li><p>How hard is it to get in?
Is school of Business (which includes the dept of tourism and hospt management) at GWU easier to get in than The Elliot school of International Affairs?</p></li>

<p>I'm applying to Cornell (school of Hotel administration) for my first choice and GWU will be my second choice. I just want to know if GWU has a good program so I can decide whether I should apply as a second choice</p>

<p>I don'tnremember their rankings, but I've taken classes in that department. It's not as well ranked as ESIA. I found the THM classes particularly interesting and engaging, with less drone work than larger other classes. </p>

<p>What do you have to lose by applying? You need backups just in case you don't get admitted to, or financial aide from, Cornell.</p>

<p>I honestly don't think that THM is strong here. For one, few people major in it. And the main thing that GW school of business is known for is international business. (If you ask me, I think anything related to international studies at GW is very well regarded.) In addition to international business, GWSB's popular major is finance. How hard is it to get in? To be honest, I wouldn't know if we were to compare it to the Elliot school--I'm only in the business school haha. But I would think that it's a tad bit harder to get into the Elliot school because that is what GW is primarily renowned for. If you tried in high school and show your commitment to GW in your essays, you will get into the business school. </p>

<p>I suggest looking into other schools that are like GW but are also strong in THM. Because even if you do get into Cornell, those other schools may offer better aid than Cornell and hence may be the better option. Good luck!</p>

<p>How about U Delaware?</p>

<p>i know they are moving the tourism and hospitality grad program out to arlington or something. on the other hand there are a million hotels here so its easy to intern.</p>