A quick brag on my freshman at York College ....

her first A&P practical lab exam - 94%! She worked her tail off to prepare and it paid off. I am very proud of her.

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Impressive and I’m sure a huge relief. I hope all our Nursing students are making the most of their difficult coursework. My D texts what she got to do in her Anatomy lab from time to time. I think she’s really settled into her program and school.

I am incredibly relieved because in High School I sometimes felt she could do better if she put in more effort. I think she is very interested in the coursework and it is making a difference. PHEW…

Great news! It such a relief for us parents to hear that our students are doing well.

I’m glad she is doing well. My daughter is a York Grad and works at the local hospital.

You should brag and be proud, toomany! Nursing school is rigorous. Every positive achievement should be highlighted.
I’ve got one in the last semester of nursing in California and one starting this fall at Tennessee. We’re right in the middle of it.

Congrats to her for the good start!

Late to the party… Great job on your daughter’s score on A & P @toomanyteens!
How does she like the York nursing program so far?

@Charliesch and toomanyteens what made York the school for your kids? Thanks for any info


  1. Merit aid and reasonable tuition and housing.
  2. A large hospital across the street, and other clinical opportunities nearby
  3. An ability to play a sport for the first 2 years (she would not have made the team at larger colleges)
  4. A good supply of modern on-campus housing
  5. Smaller class sizes throughout all 4 years

Thank you Charliesch for your reply! I appreciate the info

I should also add: 6. The quality of the nursing program and the facilities, including the sim lab (although they didn’t use the sim lab as much as my daughter would have liked)
7. A second brand large new hospital (UPMC) that will open soon a few miles away, to replace a small older hospital.

@readthetealeaves After her merit scholarships, it was fairly affordable, the school struck me as a place where the faculty WANTED the students to succeed (and that has born out to be true thus far - my D has told several times where her professors have helped them understand what to study, how much to study and even helped with strategies); it is a nursing school that is known in the area (including Philly) and has good facilities including a simulation lab. Lastly my D is considering nurse anesthetist in the long term and she welcomed the opportunity for clinicals at a Trauma 1 center (Hershey)

And I do agree with Charliesch as well – my D is happy and doing well there.

Too Many Teens: My daughter is a freshman nursing student at York. She is finding it hard to make friends and there isn’t a whole lot of things to do on the weekends. Any advice from your daughter?

@BelAir22 I will PM you…

Wait, the answer about what there is to do on campus and on weekends interestd me too!

I think mostly she studies lol – but they also go to the movies, and the York fair and just hang out I guess.

Really glad your daughter is doing so well. I would love to know if there are many out of state students at York. We live in California and if my daughter wants to get into a direct admit school, she is going to have to go out of state. We have several PA schools on her list. One of my main criteria is that she could get a direct flight home and it looks like she could fly out of Washington Baltimore International. from York. Another question would be do kids stay at college over the weekends or do they all head home ?
I am sorry to hear your daughter is struggling to settle BelAir 22. I had hoped being on a nursing program would create a tight close knit community and make it easier to make friends than being in huge classes.

Hi – we live in South Jersey and yes she could fly out of BWI - it is not super close but definitely doable. Philly is also not that far. The majority of kids are PA, NJ and MD as I understand it but my daughter stays pretty much every weekend and so do many of her friends. PA is very large geographically. There are also quite a few athletes (York is very competitive in D3 in a number of sports) and those students normally stay weekends. And my girls who live farther than their peers (at other colleges) go home some short breaks with their friends who live closer.

My daughter is a sophomore and the closeness of the nursing majors is growing – first year classes are more mixed than later classes.

Thank you ‘too many teens’. I saw some comments on niche regarding safety issues around the campus. Does your daughter feel safe at the school and happy to walk around the neighboring area?

Yes she does – the campus has 2 sections and if it is late at night she will opt for the shuttle bus between the two rather than walking (its not far)- its a small city right outside campus and it has its small city problems like any other. If she practices normal wise personal safety she should be fine.

Lass71 There are many schools in PA as you mentioned but many of them do not have easy access to a major airport. For easy flights, you should consider schools close to or
in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh. Another school that has easy access to an airport is Catholic University in DC. Good merit aid and an overall great program. Good luck in your search!