A quick study that ended in somewhat dubious information

<p>Apparently, in the past 8 months or so (i.e. since i joined), each 100 page interval on the HSL page has been of shorter and shorter time duration as time approaches the present, signifying that there have been more threads per day now than there were a year from now.</p>

<p>Interesting to think about: I wonder if this means that threads now are of a shorter average length than a year ago? Perhaps we have higher expectations than we ought to and HSL now is actually more active than it was 1 year ago.</p>

<p>wouldn't that be interesting.</p>

<p>it might just mean the discussion's become less serious / there's more of a "community" now.</p>

<p>Never mistake activity for achievement.
- John Wooden</p>

<p>We still have some long threads though.</p>

<p>until people started using raunchy food metaphors</p>




<p>did someone end up bumping that thread?</p>