A rather inane question... but

<p>I'm planning on attaching a picture along with my application when i send it.</p>

<p>A question arose wen i found a picture of myself taken by a friend of mine recently, while in a tree.... (my friends and i hang out in trees sumtimes wen we're bored ^^)</p>

<p>I thought this might add a little a more personality to my application, but i dont want to overstep the boundries in anyway.</p>

<p>Any opinions? much appreciated!</p>

<p>Go for it...unless you look REALLY undignified or something (i.e. make sure the angle's ok)
I think it's brilliant...it shows a fun personality</p>

<p>thanx, Kebree! I wanted to use the picture, but was just unsure.</p>

<p>I sent in a picture of myself. I know they didn't ask, but I just thought it might add some personality, who knows?</p>

<p>You betcha it's rather inane.</p>

<p>what kind of pic did you send, zant? School one or one w/ personality?
I thought about sending my school one...candid shots of me always look terrible...</p>

<p>yea it's pretty much a school one, nothing like tree-climbing =)</p>

<p>are we spose to send a picture? or is it optional? how do u send a picture online</p>

<p>you can't send it online. We're not required or supposed to. They don't even mention it. I dunno, I'm vain =/ umm I sent it with my optional "What else" essay</p>