a reading problem on barrons

<p>test one, section 2 reading, first short passage, the one about NBA,
the "salvation" mentioned in the final sentence most likely refers to
B: formal promises made to amateur athletes by the NBA
E: a deliverance form poverty through professional sports</p>

<p>the original sentence is" they play even in the dead of winter, banging away at the netless rims, hoping for salvation in the form of a contract with the NBA"</p>

<p>the answer it gives is E, but the author did not explain what NBA is in the passage, and did not mention anything about money and poverty... So i think B is a better choice? because SAT doesn't test you background knowledge, right?</p>

<p>also for those who don't have the book, word amateur in choice B is also appropriate because author has said that "they" are seventeen and eighteen-year-olds.</p>