A realistic chance me for UIUC

Hi! I recently applied and would like to know where I stand for UIUC.
I am a first-generation immigrant from Mexico, and I will be the first to pursue a college degree.
I am in-state and lower middle class, so we rely on in-state tuition and scholarships to get me through school.
1st major: Journalism 2nd major: Undecided
3.65 GPA uw
1150 SAT
7 APs, 7 honors classes, 1 dual enrollment
grades are extremely upward trending (B’s and C’s in regular classes frosh/soph, straight A’s in AP and honors jr/sr year)
120+ volunteer hours
President of music honors society, editor-in-chief for school newspaper, spirit leader for marching band, public relations officer for Girl Scout troop, I play in my school musical’s pit orchestra, I have hosted a foreign exchange student through French Club, and I am on an advisory board for my summer camp.
I’ve worked as a barista at a small cafe for 1.5 years.
I believe I wrote a strong essay connecting my intended major and my experiences.
UIUC is my top school because of its academics, culture, and short-proximity to home, so I really hope I get in. Thanks!!

It would be a solid to lowish match. It has an acceptance rate of around 59%, and your GPA is slightly higher than the average GPA of students admitted to their College of Media. Your SAT is lower than the average SAT for the college, but this fall they will still be test optional, so that does not matter that much.

So your chances are even or slightly better than even. Look at your school’s Naviance, and see what proportion of students with stats similar to your were accepted to UIUC over the past few years. Some Illinois schools have better connection to UIUC than others.

What other colleges did you apply to?

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Thanks for the reply! I also applied to DePaul University (accepted w/ good merit aid), UW-Madison, Indiana U (accepted), Michigan state (accepted), Uni of South Carolina (deferred), Fordham (deferred), Syracuse, Northeastern, and Tulane (deferred). I checked out our Naviance and I am on the bottom line of students that they accept, I also applied EA if that helps.

So it looks like you already have some good choices - congrats on your acceptances. I don’t think that applying AE helps much with UIUC. A friend of my daughter is attending DePaul, and a few more from her class (high school class of 2019).

I would have recommended that you apply to Knox, but I don’t know how much financial aid you would get if you apply on their rolling admission dates. Since you’re interested in journalism, it may be worth your while to send an application to Ithaca College as well - their deadline is Feb 1. I think that Beloit College is also worth your while, and they have extended their deadline to March 1.

Good luck with the rest of you applications