A Revisit To AP Testing @ Boarding Schools

I am not sure if it is formal to post this under this thread but recent news may warrant a new one. With SAT Subject Tests being canceled by the College Board, what might standardized testing look like at BS? At my BS, subject tests were preferenced over AP to show mastery of a subject (in the form of standardized tests) because my BS does not offer AP courses. Now that this is not an option, there must be unintended consequences to how students wish to express their knowledge of a subject.

Now I am curious to what CC people predict how BS students will approach standardized testing in the future. Will this result in an increase of sits or self-studies on AP exams by BS students? Will GPA and SAT be sufficient stats for even the most overachieving students?

An additional layer Is also added on UK university applications. If AP courses are not offered, and students can not fulfill these requirements with subject tests, then this may take a lot of planning and time to get the AP test requirement out of the way.

Any opinions?