A.S./A.A. degrees...who has them?/are they worth getting?

<p>who in here is transferring with an A.S. or A.A. degree? would you say they are worth getting? are they mostly for those who don't plan on going on to a 4 year university? </p>

<p>not to undermine the degree, but for transfers, the only advantage i see in them is that they can raise your chances of getting into a 4 year university. i will be getting an A.S degree in design in a month, but it's because i was in a college program that my old high school offers in which i took college credits and also design credits. i took those senior year in high school and the following year solely so i could transfer as a junior to a 4 year university this fall. therefore i'd be a year ahead. i never had much interest in design, i just did it for the college credits. im going to change my major to journalism in the fall. it's just funny/odd that i will have a degree that will become obsolete to me and that i have no interest in ever using.</p>

<p>ultimately, my question is this...would having an A.S/A.A degree look good on a resume for a job or internship even though the degree is completely unrelated to the field?</p>


<p>I will also get an AA in Psychology.</p>


<p>I'm getting my AA degree... Considering it's in transfer studies it won't do me much good, but hey since I earned it I might as well get it.</p>

<p>yea that's how i see mine.</p>

<p>haha, what do you mean?</p>

<p>where are you transferring?</p>

<p>I am going to receive my AA in Business Administration.</p>

<p>I am receiving my A.A. in History but I don't think it means anything or does much for you as far as transferring is concerned.</p>

<p>It's pretty useless.</p>

<p>well for example, the university of florida will accept junior transfers with gpa's of like 2.5 as long as they have an A.A degree.</p>

would having an A.S/A.A degree look good on a resume for a job or internship even though the degree is completely unrelated to the field?


<p>Short answer: yes. It shows you completed something in life that you started.</p>

<p>Also, depending upon which school you apply as a transfer (if admitted), many will give you Junior status. </p>

<p>I'm trying to do exactly that at UVa. They state on the very bottom of their transfer page: "Students who enter U.Va. with an Associates degree from a VCCS school will enter as a third year student."</p>

<p>Think of it like this: if you are a job applicant, your resume could say either "some college," which can be interpreted as one college class, or it can say "AA in [Your Major]".</p>

<p>They are absolutely worth it. Go into the working world, see what employers say and they'll definitely tell you that hiring someone with an A.A. does carry some weight. Some colleges actually require their transfer scholarship recipients to have one, such as NYU, off the top of my head.</p>

<p>It just came about that I will be getting three AA's, one in English History and Liberal Studies. While I certainly won't be stopping there wth my education, of course, it is good to put on the c.v. for a sense of accomplishment and for future job prospects. It sets you apart from those applicants who merely piddled around with their education with no set goals attained, if that makes sense......</p>

<p>where are you transferring? heh, UCLA?</p>

<p>AA degrees in liberal arts and poli sci for me but I have no use for them the BA is what I really want</p>

<p>I'm not getting one.</p>

<p>I figure if it only requires taking another class (probably physical education or health), then why not? Most courses would count for both IGETC and AS/AA degree requirements, so might as well shoot two birds with one stone. I'm planning to get an AA in Poli Sci and AS Transfer in Geography. Anyone know the difference between an AS Transfer Degree and an AS?</p>

<p>do you have to put down on an app or resume the community college you went to even if you just took a few classes there to transfer?</p>

<p>Are any of you getting Transfer Studies (technically I'm getting a Transfer Studies-UC degree) degrees or am I the only one?</p>

<p>If you're wondering, the only real advantage of Transfer studies is that it is made to mirror IGETC, so you can focus just on that but still have something to show at the end of the day. Also it waives the PE requirment.</p>