A.S. in General Studies or Business before transferring for bachelor's?

<p>Okay I'm currently studying at a Community College, after I get my AS degree I wish to transfer out of state; however, the problem is that all of the AS degrees here are designed for in-state college transfers only which mean that I will take a couple of exta useless classess like spanish, finite math and so on. </p>

<p>So my advisor told me I could go with a general studies degree and pick my own classes that will fit best my desired university; does it matter whch AS degree I got after getting my BA? Will the the business degree be more fancier in a resume than a general studies?</p>

<p>It doesn't matter. An AS will provide zero additional benefit.</p>

<p>I have my associates and now I'm a junior at a university. At the industry luncheons and dinners that I go to, it sometimes seems some recruiters look down on me having my associates or something. On my updated resume, I'm seriously considering leaving it out...fyi.</p>