A school for a nerdy kid !

<p>menloparkmom, I don't need FA. As a an international student, it is a huge plus compared to the others.
I guess I didn't explain it well at first. This is why I can look only at the math curriculum I want to attend.</p>

<p>For exemple, neither Michigan nor HMC accept international transfer candidacy if they require financial aid.</p>

<p>In this case, my GPA proves that I can attend a rigorous course load in sciences to do something I like and that I can pay for it.
I also bring more diversity and am interested in a quickly growing field where majors are offered at UMich and HMC.</p>

<p>I don't need FA</p>

<p>sorry! I miss read!</p>

<p>In this case, my GPA proves that I can attend a rigorous course load in sciences to do something I like and that I can pay for it.</p>

<p>yes! agreed! and I guarantee you your Toefl scores will go up from what they were 2 years ago! So dont be afraid to take them again and apply to any college that has the classes you want. </p>

<p>but be aware of one thing- at the top colleges, the chances of any transfer student gaining acceptance are far less than they are for a freshman, because there are so few openings! the transfer admit rate is usually a fraction of the freshman admit rate, cause an opening is only available if a student leaves, and many of the top private colleges graduate 95%++ or more of each freshman class.</p>

<p>Btw, I Love that you call yourself "a nerdy kid."</p>

<p>After spending time considering the pros and cons of your insights, I am unfortunetnatly back to my original situation where I am only willing to apply to Harvey Mudd and Michigan.
I know I am going to sound like a 3 years old that wants something for chritmas but my mind but I believe I'll get the best education at Mudd rather than any other schools. Mostly because they are the only one that offer the exact major I want. The other aspect of the school are also incredibly appealing to me and so I am finally wondering if I actually want to apply somewhere else. As I previously said, I carefully looked at NYU, Cornell, UPenn, Notre Dame, UChicago and Carnegie Mellon, even if they seem to have good math department, I cannot get as excited for them as I was for Michigan or as I am for Mudd when doing my applications.</p>

<p>I'd be thankful for more insights or maybe simple a positive affirmation that there is nothing wrong with only applying to 2 schools if they really are what I want.</p>



<p>If you have a college in your home country you are willing to attend then there probably isn't anything wrong with only applying to two places in the US. Michigan does not give aid to internationals so the fact that you don't need aid makes it viable if your grades and test scores are competitive. The acceptance rate for internationals, however, at UofM is very low. The very active moderator for the UofM forum is an international so you can ask specific questions there or send him a message.</p>

<p>^ This is excellent advice. Two schools is too few for anyone! momofthreeboys offered a caution about Michigan; I'll add one about Harvey Mudd--it is so small, they have only a few spots for transfers. "The transfer application process is highly selective with only about 10% of the completed applicants being granted." Transfer</a> Student Admission </p>

<p>To illustrate, The College Board profile on HMC gives these transfer stats (for ? year):</p>

<p>Applied: 82
Admitted: 5
Enrolled: 4</p>

<p>So...wishing you all the best, but hoping you'll optimize your chances by adding a few more schools.</p>

<p>I was just at Mudd for Parent's weekend visiting my nerdy kid. They all seem pretty happy there, at least the ones I saw. And the nerdiness has not been civilized out of my son. :) Good luck!</p>

<p>I am heavily considering NYU, Cornell and University of Minnesota Twin Cities.
I will admit I am kinda lost with all that process, I am getting some help from my professors, dean, and career service but it remains pretty complicated.</p>