A screwed UCLA junior HELPPP

<p>I am currently a junior at UCLA and was subject to dismissal since last year. Fall quarter of this school year, I received a GPA of less than 2.0 (2 C's, 1 C-)... strike one. Last quarter (winter quarter), my GPA is again less than 2.0 (B, C+, F)... strike two... academic dismissal for me. My overall GPA is 2.26... ugh. As of right now, I have earned 146 units at UCLA. I have fulfilled all, but one of my GE requirements. I still need to complete 1-year foreign language requirement and Writing II requirement. I am totally screwed because
1) My GPA is very low
2) I have a lot of units from UCLA
3) I am not in good academic standing at UCLA</p>

<p>My goal is to attend a "less prestigious" UC school such as Irvine or Riverside or even Cal State (I actually prefer semester system). I didn't want to say easier because no matter what college you attend, you'll most likely encounter hardship. </p>

<p>Thus, because of my unusual circumstances listed above (low gpa, a lot of units, bad academic standing), what are my options?</p>

<p>I have no one to blame but myself. I am severely depressed and disappointed in myself. I let my family down and I feel like there's not hope for me. /vent</p>

<p>With 146 unit it would be extremely difficult if not impossible to transfer to a lower U.C.</p>

<p>Your best bet is to stick it out at ucla and do better next quarter</p>

<p>Academic</a> Probation</p>

<p>it says you have two terms to do better. </p>

<p>Honestly your taking 3 classes is the class too difficult or are you just slacking?</p>

<p>Also i quote</p>

<p>"Some campuses do not accept intercampus transfers who have completed more than 120 quarter (80 semester) units"</p>

<p><a href="http://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/admissions/undergrad_adm/paths_to_adm/transfer/tr_inter_camp.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/admissions/undergrad_adm/paths_to_adm/transfer/tr_inter_camp.html&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>not sure you have to check on a school by school basis but i think your over the unit cap</p>

<p>i dont think you can transfer from a school that you are not in good standing with...im not sure though, best of luck</p>

<p>Due to my bad academic schedule planning, I was left no choice but to take 3 upper division science classes for each quarter for the past two quarters... The science classes here at ucla are extremely competitive, especially in my major. :( Sure I can switch to an easier/less competitive major, but I wouldn't be fulfilling my dream. :((( I can't stick it out of UCLA because I have been dismissed. I was put on academic probation last year, and then subject to dismissal the next quarter. For this year, if i had a less than 2.0 GPA for two consecutive quarter, I will be dismissed due to my subject to dismissal status. That's why I am now dismissed.</p>

<p>I'm guessing you're a biology or some other related major at UCLA? (neuroscience, MCDB, etc)</p>

<p>The Cal State route is the only option I see right now. Yyou need a very competitive GPA out of CC to get into a lower UC without TAG, which is probably almost impossible for you even if you get 4.0s from here on out (the unit cap the UCs have and you can't TAG if you already attended another UC).</p>

<p>I'm a physiological science major :(</p>

<p>Are you absolutely positive you can't TAG if you've already attended a UC school?</p>

<p>you can but you have to be in good standing.</p>

<p>I'm not sure how TAG works (in the process of researching on it), but how does TAG work? Do you submit an application for a particular school, and they will either give you a contract that you must abide in order to guarantee your transfer admittance or reject your TAG application? If so, why are TAG applications usually rejected/disapproved?</p>

<p>TAG is more of a path for transfer than something you apply for. The requirements for TAG are (at least for UCSD): 3.0 gpa, completion of the IGETC course sequence, less than 90 units completed including UC/CSU units. I'm thinking you fail to meet 2 of the 3 criteria.</p>

<p>Transfer</a> Admission Guarantees</p>

<p>Also, just wondering, do you slack off in school or is it really that difficult? I was looking at your old posts and you had like a 4.35 GPA in high school so I thought I'd ask.</p>

<p>damn dude that sucks. My brother was in a similar situation as you. He went to UC Irvine for 2 years, a biology major, did TERRIBLE (got F's and D'S), and was eventually dismissed. He then came home and attended community college for 1.5 years and was able to get readmitted to UCI after having an interview/meeting with someone along the lines of an academic counselor . He did not apply as a transfer student, he was allowed to come back - Just making that clear.</p>

<p>I don't know if you can do something similar to this, but good luck!</p>

<p>No hope for me :(</p>

<p>I don't think I'm a slacker. I take my studies really seriously, I just can't beat the class curve no matter what I do or the amount of time I study :(</p>

<p>edit: Thanks sophie, makes me a little more hopeful</p>

<p>I know plenty of people who had 2100+ SATs and 3.9+ GPAs in high school that got absolutely slaughtered during their first year of college, especially if they're pre-med/engineering/science majors at one of the UCs. I think the reason for this is because of the adjustment to college life as a freshman (tougher classes, the sense of freedom, meeting new people, not knowing the "system", etc). One of my friends from HS decided to go to SJSU over UCLA for the fact that the pre-med competition down there is cutthroat and plus she wanted to stay in the bay area. Funny enough, she's a first year student at UCLA medical school now. Don't feel too bad OP, there are a TON of people who are in your situation, they just don't voice it out to anyone since they don't want to look bad. Dust yourself off and find a new path.</p>

<p>Private college is always a decent way to go... have you looked into any?</p>

<p>My only concern for your progress to another UC or a CSU is your # of units. You have so many. Keep a private college in the back of your mind- my boyfriend did it and they accepted almost all his credits. Only had to do 1 year and got his BA.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>ixr: I agree! It's not where you start, but where you end up that matters. Wish I realize that when I was in HS :(</p>

<p>I'll probably look at private colleges as a last resort T_T</p>