A senior in high school..

<p>I'm about to graduate and it's only been recently that I've decided to major in Economics. I'm in the top 3 of my class yet my mediocre SAT score is what prevented me from applying to any ivy leagues (plus lack of stellar extracurriculars. So, with that in mind, the University of Florida is the only college I applied to and thus is where I am going. I have NEVER had a job but I will try to get one this summer. Obviously, I am aware that work experience is essential for the path I wish to pursue. How should I go about getting internships? Does anyone have any tips for me??? I am planning on starting completely over in college and I definitely know I want an MBA.</p>

<p>While it is advisable that you seek internships, this will not count towards your work experience for admission into an MBA program. You will need a few years of post graduate work experience.</p>

<p>However, going to Florida is not a negative. If you do well there and do well after graduation you should have no issue getting into a good MBA program.</p>