A senior with no accounting internship... Here's my situation

<p>I'm worried my degree will become useless without internship experience.</p>

<p>Currently I work full time to pay my bills, as I live on my own and pay for everything on my own. I make $20 / hr and rely on my income to attend college while paying my rent. My current work field is unrelated to my degree, but I would eventually like a career in my degree (accounting). I couldn't quit my job because most internships are 3-4 months and there would be periods in between internships where I wouldn't have income which I would require.</p>

<p>Am I totally screwed in ever finding an accounting job after graduation? Does it make a difference if I prefer corporate accounting over public? </p>

<p>Any suggestions?</p>

<p>Have you met with anyone at your college career center and asked these questions? And asked for advice?</p>

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<p>Have you considered taking out loans in those close period with no income? Experience is experience and if you don’t have any accounting related after graduation you will be stuck struggling to find a good job unless you have some connections. I wouldn’t worry too much about bills right now since in the future you will be piled with them anyways. Go to job fairs, bring some resumes and a good personality. You don’t want to fall behind the game.</p>