A single as a freshman

How should I rank the dorms if I want a single as a freshman? I originally ranked Next #1, Simmons and McCormick #2, and MacGregor #3 just based on price and amenities and dorm culture and such (I stayed in Simmons during campus preview weekend). However, I read that it is hard to get a single in Next, so if I want a single, should I rank them differently? I know I can still change dorms during orientation through FYRE but I’d like to at least start with a good room/dorm. Thanks!

Also, would you even recommend having a single as a freshman? People have been telling me that I may get isolated if I get a single, though I think I’ll feel uncomfortable with a roommate. Thanks.

I’m not sure if you looked, but on the second page, after you rank your dorms, you choose in what rank you want a room choice. If you want singles, they’ll ask you why you want singles, and that is where you can tell them you are uncomfortable with others, which is completely understandable and will be considered. The people who review these are human beings. They even ask questions like what your hobbies and interests are and what you expect from roommates. This is what I put down for that section:

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@ObitoSigma Yes, I’ve already filled out the housing lottery form (several times actually, because I keep changing my mind!) I told them that I’m uncomfortable with a roommate. I don’t know much about how they choose rooms for us, so I’m not sure how much that will be taken into consideration, especially since I put Next as my top choice and they don’t have as many singles as say, MacGregor or McCormick. But now I’m starting to think that I might be better off with a roommate or two. And since we can change our housing preferences until June 11th I’m still planning to change my responses again. Thanks!

If you want a single as a freshman, list MacGregor and McCormick as your top choices. You won’t get a single in any other dorm. MacGregor isn’t popular so you shouldn’t have a problem getting in there. I don’t know how popular McCormick will be this year. You want the east tower. West tower has no singles.

Whether to have roommates depends on your personal taste. Being isolated isn’t really a concern. Just leave your door open so people can drop in to chat. I think living in a dorm and having roommates are part of the college experience with good and bad aspects, but if you can’t study or tolerate others in your room, go for a single.

Okay thank you. I’m starting to think I should get a double or triple instead of a single. It would also be cheaper.

I don’t think you would be isolated in a single in MacGregor or McCormick since they are grouped into suites. If cost is a concern, MacGregor singles are cheaper and the meal plan is not mandatory.

Hi, my son got a single in Simmons as a freshman. He has loved it there, but is moving to east side to do without the meal plan.

That’s a surprise. Simmons is a popular dorm. I’ve heard students can get doubles or triples only there.

My host during CPW was a freshman and got a single in Simmons, just like @Texasmom12 's son. I think a single in Simmons would be ideal, but I’m concerned about the cost. I resubmitted my housing app with Simmons #1 and Next #2, but I think I’d be okay with a double or triple in Simmons since I like the dorm a lot. Thanks everyone!

The only dorm that is not majority singles is Maseeh. I would think it would be easy to get a single anywhere else.

Have you heard the stereotype about Simmons, ‘more windows than friends’? If there is truth to that stereotype then a single in Simmons might be isolating. Next has wing lounges where people gather and too many subcultures to ever be isolating.

Easy to get singles? Where did you get this information? Another dorm is being built on Vassar. I thought it was to ease crowding. Many people told me Simmons is quite a friendly place. Could the phrase be emphasizing the countless windows rather than the dirth of friends?

New House is also majority singles, although I don’t think it’ll be open next year (renovations). I lived there while at MIT.

You’re pretty much guaranteed a single at MacGregor, although I preferred New over MacGregor due to various reasons. If you plan on cooking a lot, MacGregor kitchens were disappointing.

Idk if singles are easy to get, but the description says the majority (62%) of rooms are singles. Of course that doesn’t mean the majority of residents live in singles.

Here are a couple of places where I saw the thing about windows vs. friends (no personal experience).

I’ve heard of the “more windows than friends” thing as well. Not sure where (probably MIT memes FB page or something).

Also a lot of people say Simmons is the furthest, although Next appears slightly further from campus IMO.

Simmons looks far but it’s the same distance as MacGregor.

Wow, that is a crazy stereotype for Simmons (and I would like to think MIT students are above stereotyping, but I know it is a reality). Simmons has lounges (social groups), my son had a group of 20 or so that were great friends and very supportive freshman year. My husband and I were very happy to see that. I guess it is about fit, but I think individuals have to decide the effort they want to put in to any social situation. I was concerned a single as a freshman would be isolating, but it was never a problem, but my son is pretty outgoing. Great housemaster and grad students in Simmons, by the way.

Here is something new for class of 2021 that makes a big splash among current students https://studentlife.mit.edu/housing/undergraduate-housing/residence-halls/pilot-2021-senior-house

I would highly recommend a single, you will not be isolated and its very unlikely that you will have a person that you would love to share a 10x15 foot room with, basically you tolerate the other person as best you can. Not many freshman will share a bedroom as a sophomore, they will almost all have there own bedroom as a minimum. That should tell you something.

@Ballerina016 It may be making a big splash, but not in a good way at all.

There will always be naysayers. These protestors are being unreasonable. What do they want? Senior couldn’t be allowed to continue its self destructive ways. MIT has been patient long enough. The residents weren’t even trying to cooperate. I look forward to the new dorm culture.