A student, possibly premed, Quinnipiac comments and information

<p>My daughter is a very good student in a highly competitive public high school (A average, all honors and AP, waiting for SAT score). We visited Quinnipiac, informally, and we were all impressed with the campus, the facilities and the set up. My daughter is apprehensive because some of the people she knows, from her school, who have attended Quinnipiac have been average (at best) students. My daughter is planning to study science/math with the ultimate goal of medical school. Through my research I have discovered that they have an excellent health professions program. I also know that there is an honors program there. We really loved the school and I think that the size and nurturing environment would be very conducive to her success. Please let me know what your thoughts are or if you have any information which may be helpful.</p>

<p>Perspective from a parent w/o an applicant to Quinn:</p>

<p>Your daughter will shine there, that is a good thing.....especially if med school is in her future....If she applies early, she will have the possibility of merit $.......and as you say, you "loved the school".....these are the good parts....</p>

<p>What your daughter has to decide, as mine did with other schools, is how she feels attending classes with others who may not be at her academic level; my d could care less; she does not socialize with the top AP/honors kids even though she is in all the same classes; her close friends are all across the academic spectrum...For that reason, fit overtook prestige when she was applying to schools......We are not done with the process, but she will end up where she belongs...</p>

<p>yes, the people we know from our high school have been "average, at best"....If it was my d considering Quinnipiac, I would definitely have her sit in on some classes in her interest area and in the honors program....I can't imagine a very average student would necessarily be successful at any school in a very rigorous pre-med environment, but see for yourself.....</p>

<p>Thank you so much for the response, Rodney. I feel the same way as you do and my daughter did love the school. I am going to plan to attend the upcoming Junior Open House with her as I do believe that it is the kind of environment where she would thrive. Best of luck to your daughter!</p>

<p>please post or PM me when you return. d2 is a great fit for Quinnipiac; curious what you think.....</p>