A Survey

<p>Who turned in the SAT's when applying for admission</p>

<p>Who turned in the ACT's when applying for admission</p>

<p>Did anyone turn in both the SAT's and the ACT's?</p>

<p>Yeah I turned in both. My ACTs were way higher than my SATs, but my SATs still gave a more positive impression of me than my GPA or class rank.</p>

<p>Snarf, thanks</p>

<p>Anyone else turn in both the SAT’s and ACT’s to Turfts in the admisssions application?</p>

<p>A word of warning to anyone thinking of responding to JohnAdams12’s posts seeking SAT and/or ACT scores. This individual is, in my opinion, an elitist ■■■■■ who is likely seeking information that will not be beneficial in any way to Tufts or its students. If you need proof, please check out JohnAdams12’s postings over the past couple of days on the thread entitled “Which range of schools do YOU consider ‘elite?’ HYPSM? Top 20?” Especially note posts #555, #558, #563, #565, #567, and #569. Also, search for some of his other derogatory statements on other threads relative to non-HYP schools and contributors. JohnAdams12 apparently claims to be a Princeton student or graduate but his intentionally antagonistic views have been disavowed by almost every other poster with an ounce of common sense and reason. Be careful before you feed the ■■■■■, particularly on the Tufts board.</p>

<p>just<em>the</em>facts, thanks for posting this.</p>

<p>the only reason I started the thread was to see whether you would come by and make the comments that you just made, in an attempt to “protect” Tufts’ method of calculating SAT scores that are turned in to the ranking entities…</p>

<p>your reaction to my posted messages was EXACTLY as I predicted…</p>

<p>thanks again</p>