A Tip for Cheap People (like me)

<p>I thought "hey - I can just borrow used books from college students and friends to study for my SAT1s and SAT2s. Then I save like 40 bucks."</p>

<p>IT IS NOT WORTH IT. It did not help me seeing people already mark up the information (since it tempted me to focus on whatever they marked) - and I also had difficulty taking practice tests/quizzes when their answers were already circled (not necessarily the right one though).</p>

Go buy the books. You save money in the long run. As opposed to retaking the tests again (which is what i'm doing) and having to pay more.</p>

<p>hahah thats nothin man
i took my SAT IIs without buyin any book at all
for math 2c i did nothing except the free sparknotes stuff.....for which i had multiple accounts to take evry test they had
i borrowed books for writing though....
and chem i just used be AP notes
i turned out fine</p>

<p>im lucky. i have a rich friend who buys books but is lazy to complete more than 15 pages.</p>

<p>Check books out of your public library (or your school library). They're free and usually not marked up. You'll have to make a photo copy of the answer sheet, but that costs about a quarter.</p>

<p>I never mark in my books. Not even in my textbooks. I just study the material and write the answers on a scrap sheet of paper. Most all of my books are clean.</p>

<p>i think sparknotes work well for cheap people...but generally i would go out and buy the books</p>

<p>If i do write in my books, it's in pencil so the books can be reused. When i don't write, it's much less convenient. I'm cheap too, so i sympathize with you</p>

<p>i buy them unused or marginally used off half.com...or inherent them, the asian way</p>

<p>inherit, it's definitely 6:19 an di havent slept yet</p>

<p>haha.. my secret is buying the books, using them and keeping them in good condition, and then returning them once I'm done. That way, I have the money back to buy whatever I want.</p>

<p>heh, I don't write in my books, so my brother gets to use them when I'm done (yep, Asian inheritance)</p>

<p>hehe wot i did with some of my books is buy them frmo like BN, and then do all work on seperate peices of paper and return within 30 days =D</p>

<p>oooo shamigo..thats funny..but me, i know ill be soo tempted to write in..i jus have toooo..but im sooo angry ..i freakin took out this writing sat ii book from the library yesterday..and it was alll written all..****tt..i shoulda looked in it first..and thats the only thing i have to study..oo well...:(..im soo weak in writin btw..</p>

<p>dude, I just sit in Barnes and Nobles, grab a book, do the problems on a separate piece of paper, and then put the book back on the shelf.</p>