A trick to find out early

<p>Does anyone else have this under their Financial Aid…i did not file any paperwork but this is new: </p>

<p>All Incoming Freshman students who have not and will not file 2007 federal tax returns will have the opportunity to waive this requirement once they have made a deposit decision in May. At that time, the Office of Student Services will send each financial aid applicant the Boston College Validation Form. This outstanding requirement will not prevent Boston College from determining a conditional award.
A late application reduction is applied to all 2008-2009 grant eligible applications completed after May 1, 2008. To reduce your late penalty assessment, the Office of Student Services urges you to submit all required documents as soon as possible. This affects returning undergraduates only.</p>

<p>Please notify the Office of Student Services in writing if you will not be applying for aid in 2008-2009.</p>

<p>The Student Services Office is committed to being a paperless office. All documentation sent to Student Services is scanned by our document imaging service. During peak periods, it can take up to a week for the information to appear as received. Please allow mailing and scanning time when checking your application status. The information available to you online is the same as is viewable to the Student Services staff.</p>

<p>I didn't apply for FA but I've had that for a couple of weeks.</p>

<p>I thought the same thing as you but I think most people got it... But hopefully this thread will prove that wrong.</p>

<p>I have that...but this is the first time I have checked finaid on Agora- the tab has been there for a while but haven't clicked on it. IDK if it means anything though.</p>

<p>If it just popped up it may be a good sign though</p>

<p>EDIT: Also forgot to mention I had the reslife link when it was up</p>

<p>I think we established that everyone has that? Correct me if i'm wrong</p>

<p>nope. its been there for a few weeks for me. it doesn't mean anything. BC just got a lot of email saying that most students didn't have to file taxes and is waiting to deal with it until after decision have come out.</p>

<p>did everyone get the res life link too? i know we settled that it meant something ED, but it seemed like a lot of people got it RD...</p>

<p>haha, i pretty much figured out i was accepted at BC when BC sent me a list of things i needed in order to complete the papers required for financial aid. They sent it to me about 1-2 weeks before i got my package.</p>

<p>i have that message but i didn't apply for FA so i'm not sure it indicates anything</p>

<p>i am in the same situation as shasheenmachine</p>

<p>i didnt get the res life forms...</p>

<p>i didnt check before they took the link off agora... so mad at myself for not checking that often.</p>

<p>I have the financial aid thing and got the res life forms. But I doubt it means anything--it's probably because BC got alot of calls (myself included) asking what that "Student Tax Return" form was under the Required Documents. It's just saying that admitted students who did not submit this "student tax return form" will be able to waive that requirement once they pay the deposit.</p>

<p>Yeah, this doesn't mean anything. I applied as a transfer student and the due date for the apps isn't until April 1st (we find out in May/June) and I have that link on my financial aid page as well. Everyone has it.</p>