A typo, is it all over for me?

<p>I had to submit my application for columbia on the 15th to my school, and now i started working on my regular decision applications. When i went to take the essay off the COlumbia app, i noticed I had a typo in the essay. My application has already been sent. Is this going to end it for me? or is there still a chance.</p>

<p>how bad was it? I'm sure they won't look at it and say "yep...he/she said 'form' instead of 'from'...easy, DENY"...that would be pointless.
I wouldn't be too concerned about it...they may not even notice if it's not major...</p>

<p>yeah, what's the typo? major or minor?</p>

<p>When i was typing the application i realized that the textbox i made on the form was too wide, so a word didnt print, but it looked normal on the form, so the one typo looked like this. Instead of " early in the
it looks like "early in

<p>an omission of the word 'the' is not going to condemn you, cb. no worries.</p>

<p>No worries man. I wish I can show you my application from last year, that would have freed you of all your anxiety and you'll probably even laugh your head off.</p>

<p>thank you all for relieving me of my tensions : )</p>

<p>Yes. It is all over. You might as well kill yourself right now and spare your tortured soul its future worries.</p>

wow. that is a bit ocd</p>