A weakened immune system from studying too much?

<p>Is it possible to suffer a body sore/ache from studying so much?</p>

<p>I had a personal encounter with a situation like that last year. For 3 consecutive nights I stayed up till 2-3 AM studying, then on the third night I stayed up till 4 AM. When I woke up, everything was fine... but then came the middle of 1st period and I suddenly felt "sick." Then as the day progressed, my bones started to ache terribly - it hurt so much to just move... I could hardly walk... and I couldn't help but sleep (actually, in the course of 3 classes I actually fainted) My bones just hurt (painful throbbing hurt), and I was tired and sleepy as hell... all that mixed with feeling sick. My eyelids couldn't even open! I was squinting the whole day. It was perhaps one of the most traumatic experiences last year – as though I ‘broke’ my body. </p>

<p>Is this a direct result of studying too much to the point of exhaustion? Or could be some random virus in the air?</p>

<p>Also, is it possible for someones immune system to just shut down?</p>

<p>That is extremely scary. I'm positive it was lack of sleep that did it; after about 4 AM at the bones and cartilege in my face begin to ache a lot - nobody gets this, it's not a headache, it's a face-ache with nausea, and then it gradually progresses downwards and I think once it got to my elbows before I went to bed. of course not very serious, but....</p>

<p>I don't know about the immune system but I have to say that doesn't sound TOO farfetched, the last few colds/flus I've had I REALLY deserved :rolleyes:</p>

<p>Wow. That's definitely because you didn't get enough sleep. You're also probably really stressed out too.</p>

<p>One time I stayed up until 4 am and slept for 2 hours. The next day at school I felt sick. But after I got more sleep I felt better.</p>

<p>Your body's aching probably because you're not getting the energy you need from sleep. You ARE exhausted because you're not sleeping enough.</p>

<p>Yeah, lots of stress + very little sleep = weakened immune system.</p>

<p>yes, it happens. At some point every year it happens to me, last year i got the flu after spending three nights up late studying and ive never gotten the flu before. Right now, with marching band taking up 30 + hours a week Ive been studying late and i am suffering from a mono like disease. Ive fallen asleep in all four classes every day since tuesday, today in 4th block i just curled up on the rug and slept the whole 80 minute block, just to go home and fall asleep on the couch. Missing sleep weakens your immune system, and your body uses more energy awake than it does asleep. When we stay up so late we usually forget to drink and eat more to make up for the extra energy being burned and then we can become nutrient deficient as well. Its better to sleep and maybe not have some work done than it is to stay up so late contantly and then get sick, because you will only be missing more work and not learning then and get further behind. SLEEP. DRINK WATER. EAT HEALTHY.</p>

<p>I have a friend that won't go to bed until at least 1 every night, whether or not he has to study, and he always seems to be sick...</p>

<p>On the other hand, I need a ton of sleep, and if I haven't finished my work by 11 or so, I'll just leave it for the ride to school/study hall the next morning and go to sleep.</p>

<p>juba2jive sounds like me I always go to bed at 1am just for the heck of it</p>

<p>This is probably a little off topic, but I tend to feel most alive after pulling an all-nighter and feeling dead tired. I don't know why exactly, I guess I just feel so accomplished at having gotten my work done while only surviving on an hour of sleep.</p>

<p>bdreamn, it soulds like you have a lot of sleep dept to make up for.</p>

<p>myway... this happened last year. </p>

<p>So yes, I did regained the sleep I lost (during summer:) :)) </p>

<p>But my reason for doing that is so stupid. "I couldn't understand the populist movement." Haha... Fortunately, this year I'll learn how to ask help when I need it.</p>

<p>At least you learned your lesson :)</p>

<p>A lot of stress definitely plays a large part in temporary ill health.</p>

<p>I actually didn't know how much stress the AP Calculus AB test had put on me. I was very determined to make a five, and I did. I felt fine the days leading up to the test, during the test, and immediately after the test.</p>

<p>It was the following morning when I realized I felt like ****.</p>

<p>My mouth suddenly grew three ulcers. My throat was sore. My nose was stuffed up.</p>

<p>I felt terrible, but great a month later :)</p>

<p>I felt kinda light headed in school sometimes after pulling 1 week of all nighters. But now I try to sleep for 6 hours a day. And make up for it during weekends by sleeping for 12+ hours. lol~</p>

<p>actually, its not good for ur body when u sleep in on the weekends. i hear it messes with ur biological clock or something. i never sleep in onthe weekends, except sunday, because i have to take my mom to work aroun 7</p>

<p>Always consume large quantities of Vitamin C. Not to the doses Pauling recommends, but still probably up to 1000% of the recommended daily value.</p>

<p>hey..but like doesnt too much vitamic c..become toxic?</p>

<p>But really, does a person need to loose tons of sleep in order to get a passing score on an AP test? </p>

<p>Last year in my AP class... I devoted nearly every waking moment studying for it. Yet, I got a 2! Still others in my class who hadn't even opened there textbooks got 4's. </p>

<p>That was an extremely confusing time for me. It's funny what an AP class can do to you when you're not ready for it.</p>

<p>Fabrizio, how much hours a day did you spend on AP Calculus AB?</p>


<p>bdreamm: hah i had the same experience with one of my aps
i was pulilng an a- average in a class full of less than d's
by the time it came to the ap, i got a 3, almost swallowed my tounge when i heard it, and did several other double takes when i heard people who didnt know wht they were doing getting 4s and 5s..
messed up world, and boy did that ap leave me stressed and unable to function for a week, my brain was all clouded</p>

<p>I'm anemic so I basically have to take vitamins to survive. Today, I nearly limped all the way to the bus stop and my face is like deathly pale (and I'm black). </p>

<p>It's scary.</p>