A100 final

<p>Does anyone know how difficult it is compared to the midterm? I got a 93% on the midterm and I would need a 91 to ace the class. Is it doable?</p>

<p>Definitely. Most people say the midterm is harder, and I agree. I thought I did really well, but I got a 79 on the midterm and came back and got a 96 on the final before the curves, and I ended up with an A in the class because of the curves. Good job on the midterm!</p>

<p>Typically, most people say the final is easier than the midterm because they find the managerial stuff easier. Personally though, I got an A+ on the midterm and came within one point of losing my A in the class on the final. So it is generally easier, but keep studying.</p>

<p>Thanks guys. That's a relief.</p>