AA OOS female applying to UNC for Fall 2011 advice?

<p>Does anyone know if attending an event at UNC increases your chances at all? </p>

<p>D is an URM - AA with a 4.40 and OK SAT scores (cr 700 m +700 + w600) and is taking the ACT next month.</p>

<h1>2 in her class</h1>

<p>8 AP/ DE classes by the end of her Sr year - June 2011
3 Sports - Varsity letter
Captain for 1 sport for 2 years
other EC's and very good summer program this summer at MIT.</p>

<p>What are her chances at admissions as an OOS applicant? </p>

<p>She was nominated by GC to attend something called Project Uplift at UNC later this month. We may be able to get her there but it will be a big ordeal. We are in the process of deciding to attend or to wait & just visit UNC in the summer. </p>

<p>Do they track attendance to that kind of stuff? Will it help since we are OOS? </p>


<p>So congratulations to your daughter. While getting in out of state is very competitive, her excellent stats along with the URM status should make her acceptance a sure bet. I don't think going to Project Uplift or not will change that. But I think it would be a good idea to go from a scholarship point of view. I think she could stand a good chance of getting a very prestigious one in terms of money and opportunity. And starting to learn about them sooner than later in a program geared especially towards attracting top students would be worth it. There are also lots of special programs a small number of entering freshman are invited to each year and she could learn about these and maybe put herself in line for one.</p>

<p>And UNC is a great school. It was my daughter's choice. But your daughter also stands a good chance at Ivy League schools if she has any desire to go to one of those.</p>

<p>Thanksa awayfromit all - that info is helpful. Can I ask a few more questions?</p>

<li>can you provide the names of the scholarships or are you speaking of the ones that they list on the website under scholarships? </li>
<li>what yr is D in at UNC? </li>
<li>were you OOS as well?</li>

<p>1) I was referring to the Morehead-Cain, Pogue, and Robertson scholarships...all of which are discussed on the website.
2) D will be a freshman this year.
3) We are in-state.</p>

<p>Thanks so much away. </p>

<p>We are going to try to still make the project uplft event later this month. Congrats to you and your D. </p>

<p>I am sure this is an exciting time at your house.</p>

<p>Just wanted to give you all an update. D attended Project Uplift this past weekend.
She loved it, and now is singing the praises of UNC. She was impressed.
I tried not to ask too much for the fear that she will stop talking. </p>

<p>But, from what I gathered so far - great information, very smart kids that all had stellar grades, etc. fun activities, lots of tips on the application process for all schools not just UNC. She loved it and said she will for sure be applyint to UNC as soon as the application goes live this summer. We shall see.</p>