Aaaahhhh! What happened?

<p>Ok, so I want to start this out by noting 2 things:
1. I am venting frustrations here, nothing more.
2. I can be a little absent-minded at times.</p>

<p>Here's what happened. I applied to UT about three days before the deadline. Well, I should say that I finished my application three days before the deadline, all of my materials had been sent to them a week ahead of time. At first my status said that everything was in order and being processed, then I received an email saying that one of my transcripts was old. I called them, and I had somehow (read: stupidly) had sent an old transcript that didn't have my fall grades. Doh!</p>

<p>Obviously it was past deadline, and so I was about to **** a brick when the nice admissions lady told me how to remedy everything. I knew that UT was STRICT about getting everything in on time, but she let me know that my situation was minor and that I could send a letter addressed to the Appeals Committee so that my app would be considered. I did just that.</p>

<p>I waited patiently for a few days, then I quickly became insanely anxious. I seriously thought I had just fudged the whole thing. But, when I called admissions again, I was told that my appeal was accepted, all of my materials were in, and that my app was going to be processed and considered. Whew!</p>

<p>Well, once again I began my wait. This time I was no where near patient, and I am sure that I have checked the site about thirty times each day. I had noticed that they had still not changed me to having all materials in on the site, but I called and they assured me it had just not been updated. Finally, on 3/24, my status was updated to having received everything.</p>

<p>So, I am obviously waiting for my results. I work third shift, and I can occasionally access the internet through a work computer. When I logged on this evening, the status had changed to this:</p>

<p>"Because your application was not completed by the deadline, we're not able to consider you for admission at this time. Late applications are considered only if space remains available."</p>

<p>Aaaahhh! Obviously space will not be available! Perhaps I shouldn't have been so hopefull that everything was going to be fine, but I was assured by admissions that things were in motion. I've emailed them, and I will call first thing in the morning.</p>

<p>This isn't the only school I've applied to, but I was looking forward to at least being rejected after the hard work I put into the app. :(</p>

<p>LOL, omg i thought i was the only one. Keep in mind, i sent my SAT scores two weeks after the deadline. UT was the only school that actually cared. every other school said, "no problem, it's ok." But UT was >:(. They said that they'd give me space ONLY if there's room. But i don't really care. Actually, i was hoping i could even ask for my admissions fee back...</p>

<p>-tree... thanks for the reply. I am actually a transfer applicant, so my app due date was later than the freshman apps. Good luck with UT and your other schools though!</p>