AB Duke vs. Huntmsan@Penn vs. Princeton vs. Yale

<p>AB Duke vs. Huntmsan@Penn vs. Princeton vs. Yale
i have to decide by tommorow if I'm going to take the AB and I'm not sure at all...</p>


<p>is AB Duke just the full scholarship or does that include other perks? if it's just money, is that a huge concern for your family? did you receive inadequate financial aid at the other places? which school do you prefer? i was accepted to the huntsman program and duke, so if you'd like to talk, pm me and i'll give you my aim sn. good luck.</p>

<p>The AB is full tuition + 6 weeks at Oxford + 4,000 to research</p>

<p>Um.... if money is a factor, that Duke scholarship is pretty awesome....</p>

<p>The first one I'd cross off your list would be Huntsman.</p>

<p>Even though I love Yale, I'd probably go with Duke.</p>

<p>That's just such a cool offer...</p>

<p>meh. i don't know. But I agree with vivaldi87, unless Huntsman is giving you something that rivals Duke's offer.</p>

<p>I agree.. Huntsman is GOOD, but not that good :D</p>

<p>Yeah, I guess it would come down to AB Duke vs.Yale.</p>

<p>If you're thinking of doing business, crossing out the Huntsman program would be absolutely insane.</p>

<p>AB Duke, by far. I wouldn't want to pass up the opportunity, because a university as strong as Duke is laying out all of its resources for you. You have near absolute freedom to follow whatever academic trail that you want, totally supported by the University.</p>

<p>I'd nearly always choose Yale over Princeton unless you were REALLY into the idea of Woody Woo. Huntsman is also nice, but for some reason I don't see it to be as much of privilege as AB Duke or as true of an undergraduate experience as Yale would provide. Although if you're really into business, Huntsman is the clear way to go.</p>


<p>that is an orgasmic array of choices</p>

<p>I chose the Robertson at UNC over Yale. These full ride, paid summers are just unbelievable.</p>

<p>FYI, the Robertson is very similar to the Morehead, but different in that you get $4K for your first summer and $6K for your second and third summers to use to travel around the world and perform community service.</p>

<p>if it was a full ride to duke, i think i would have taken it... but as it stands now, my finaid at princeton is only 200 more than the scholarship at duke + there are more internship opportunities at princeton, so i think i'm going to go with princeton</p>

<p>Just curious, why are you going to pick Princeton over Yale?</p>

<p>DisplacedNewYorker did you get any finAID at Pton?</p>

<p>I think s/he said it was a financial aid thing.</p>