AB Duke vs. Huntmsan@Penn vs. Princeton vs. Yale

<p>AB Duke vs. Huntmsan@Penn vs. Princeton vs. Yale
i have to decide by tommorow if I'm going to take the AB and I'm not sure at all...</p>


<p>but really, all are great schools; you can't really go wrong</p>

<p>AB Duke dude, how can you turn down a full ride at duke? That's alot of money you'd be saving.</p>


<p>Definitely. #1 in the world, or nation, or whatever</p>

<p>AB duke 10 char</p>

<p>After visiting, I realized (very clearly) that UPenn wasn't for me. I'm choosing Yale over Huntsman....</p>

<p>hey raven, why yale over harvard? are you going to harvard's prefrosh weekend?</p>

<p>Why didn't you like Penn, Raven?</p>

<p>unctuous - Yale just seems like a tighter community with more, all-around happiness. Harvard is certainly amazing- and you can't beat the name- but it felt like, for every kid I could find who was loving the place, I could find another who was counting the days until they got their degree. The same was not true for Yale.</p>

<p>Legendofmax... coming from Yale and Harvard, UPenn just did not feel as impressive by comparison. The part of town where my dorm was was felt junky... the school was too urban for me... West philly lived up to the (negative) hype... the school was too big (10000+ undergrads, IIRC)... I visited on "Hay Day" when the entire junior class was drunk to high hell... and I decided that I didn't want a Wharton degree after all.</p>

<p>DisplacedNYer--I turned down Duke in favor of Penn...but Penn gave me a better fin. aid package and I was excited to be invited into the Benjamin Franklin Scholars Program. It was still a tough choice. If I were you, and I had a FULL RIDE to Duke, I couldn't pass that up. I don't know how your financial situation is, but if it were me, full ride would be the way to go, especially when choosing between two schools of such comparable quality as Duke and Penn. If you choose Penn, maybe I'll see you there, but I couldn't pass up that money at Duke.</p>

<p>Can't pass up a full ride to Duke...too good to be true.</p>

<p>ah, the tyranny of choice! but you wouldn't have it any other way. </p>

<p>i'll say this though - the difference is probably marginal except for the full ride at duke. seriously. duke is great.</p>

<p>it's 9900+ undergrads, not 10,000+ :-P</p>

<p>~2,400 a class</p>

<p>lol Yale is in new haven...</p>

<p>and secondly 10000 undergrads is a good thing. Unelss your wierd and need a "tight knit communitY" getting lost in teh sauce when yhou want is the shiznit</p>

<p>plus who does't want to be drunka nd high?</p>