<p>I have a history class in the Fall that is in ""E0539 BUS."</p>

<p>What and where is that? I looked at the abbreviation list on the registrar's website and am still confused, and can't find it on the map either.</p>

<p>I also have ANOTHER history class that is in "49 UMMA" which the website tells me is the art museum? Can that be right? Is that the one by Angell Hall?</p>

<p>First class is in the business school. I only took a few classes there a couple of years ago, but I believe E means the old B-school building.</p>

<p>The other class is in the basement of the UMMA, which, you are correct, is next to Angell (or, more accurately, Tisch, I think). The day before each semester I used to walk around campus finding where all my classes are, because once you've seen where the room is it's usually pretty well-ground into your memory for the rest of the term.</p>

<p>Location</a> Abbreviations - Office of the Registrar</p>

<p>E-bus: Executive Education
UMMA: University of Michigan Museum of Art (Alumni Memorial Hall)</p>

<p>A history class in Ross, interesting.</p>

<p>It's History 320, history of great britain from 1901-1939. That does seem very strange, I wonder if that could possibly be correct. From reading UMLawMan's post, is there a new business building and an old business building? I only one know of is the one nearish to east quad.</p>

<p>the old and new are connected. the one next to east quad you are talking about is executive residence on East U and the new b school is on tappan. for reference-</p>

<p>University</a> of Michigan Campus Information Centers :: Maps & Directions</p>

<p>also other building searches you can use CIC</a> Building Search - Search Results</p>