Abnormally Low AP Score -- Regrade?

I received the following AP scores:

5 - AP US History
5 - AP English Language
5 - AP Physics
5 - AP Calculus
1 - AP Spanish

For my AP Spanish exam, I spoke throughout the allotted time while answering the prompts. My mind boggles at the thought that my response only received a 1, which 1% of test takers received, not to mention that I have a 97 in the class and that I spoke the entire time.

Any advice on what I should do would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Ask for a rescore

Thank you @skieurope. How do I go about doing that?

The teacher (who has a copy of the responses) can ask for a regrade if s/he believes the answers warranted a higher score. The student cannot petition directly to the CB for a regrade.

Same thing happened to my daughter. In US History she got 3, when her school grade for that subject is very high, expected 5. Do you know how to ask for regrade & where ?

You can’t get a regrade for a 3

I am a high school student, and received a 1 on my AP Psychology Exam. How do I request for a regrade and where?

See post 3 above.

Hello. I have already submitted my response to my teacher for a rescore. He said the deadline is by July 31. Does anyone know WHEN the scores will be out? And if we can still cancel the score if the rescore is low?

If the teacher agrees to petition for a rescore, you will receive an update mid August You can cancel your score anytime

Thank you. And by cancelling it, colleges will not see it right?

Correct. But the reality is that you self report scores on the application. You are not required to list all scores so you can omir the bad ones. The official score report is only sent to the college you are attending. At that point it’s really only useful to the registrar to assign credit.

I have emailed my teacher about my low AP Psychology score a week ago and he is not responding. What is the best next thing I should do? Should I cancel my scores or wait?

This is straight from a high school counselor’s email they rec’d from College Board:

• Appealing AP scores. There are two processes to appeal an AP score. Teachers can adjudicate by submitting supporting evidence for scores of 1 or 2. Students can appeal by contacting AP Services for Students via our online Contact Us form, or calling 888-225-5427

That’s new. I wonder if it’s still limited to 1 and 2 scores. They may regret opening up this option.

According to the College Board website (https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/score-reporting-services/request-rescore ) students themselves are able to request that your multiple choice questions be regraded (for any score,) however, you can only request a copy of your FRQ booklet, but not a rescore.

You should definitely ask your teacher to appeal on your behalf, as others posters have suggested.

Update: Just realized that exams this year were all online and only FRQ based so the information above primarily applies to students who are taking in-person AP exams.