about 3 more weeks to study for SAT...is this enough?

<p>Hello, I am an incoming senior in high school. I took my first SAT test on March 2010 and did not receive favorable results, a mere total of 1430. 540 W 460 M and 430 CR. I am trying to effectively use my time to study for the October 2010 SAT. I am hoping to increase my total score to the 1600's. Is this a realist goal? Currently I am studying on my own at home with the Barron's SAT 24th edition book. Do you have any tips to boost up my SAT score? I have about 3 weeks to study. Thank you in advance.</p>

<p>Also I am aiming to get into a UC. Are 1600's too low with a GPA of 3.6-3.7 UW?</p>

<p>You also need two SAT IIs (subject tests) for admission to a UC.</p>

<p>If the issue is getting into "a" UC, then what you need to do is go here <a href="http://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/admissions/undergrad_adm/paths_to_adm/freshman/scholarship_reqs.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/admissions/undergrad_adm/paths_to_adm/freshman/scholarship_reqs.html&lt;/a> and start evaluating what your actual UC GPA is and what your scores converted to a UC number are and see if you are getting close to minimum requirements. If you meet minimum requirements of combined GPA and converted test scores you will, if a California resident, get into "a" UC (although minimum likely gets you Riverside or comparable).</p>

<p>As you will see your UC GPA depends only on grades during sophomore and junior year in "a-g" courses and UCs have their own calculation for weighting honors or APs. The scores from each section of your SAT test and the two SAT IIs required convert to UC scores and you then add the UC scores for a total. Based on what you provide, and assuming your GPA as stated is in fact your UC GPA and you are a Cal resident, you are right now a little short short of the minimum for admission to "a" UC but two SAT II scores could take you above the minimum.</p>

<p>Oh yes, for SAT 2's I took Biology 510
and took Math 2- 540</p>

<p>That doesn't really help does it? I plan to retake Math 2 again and hoping to reach early 600's and then take Literature hoping to get late 500's or early 600's. How does it look now?</p>

<p>Here's a tip - take more than three weeks to study. The test is in October.</p>

<p>use barrons sat 2 for math along with mcgraw hill and your math score will jump ! </p>

<p>for SAT, you got to study and study! take practice tests! i like the barrons workbooks. they have one for each subject. they teach you how to master the easy, medium and hard problems and they have the practice divided into sets based on level. the books are thin enough for you to work through one a week and take a practice test on the weekends. have fun and good luck! </p>

<p>Uc's might need a higher SAT score around 1700 would be sufficient since nowadays the scores are increasing. make sure you improve on your subjects. </p>

<p>start on your personal statement! this is also very important for UCs.</p>

<p>Focus on the SAT right now and study for your subject tests afterword.
You could easily improve you math to 600+ in one week. I advise you get a copy of Gruber's and look at the their math review. If you only want to get a 1600 than that will be enough but I advise you aim for a higher score since you want to go to a UC school. Mabye an 1800+. If your low on cash just go to your Barns and Noble and read Gruber's from there. (its free)</p>

<p>For CR just practice It will be hard to improve to a 600+ in one month but it is possible. Just practice practice practice. If you have any spare cash order Direct Hits, D.H is the most efficient way to learn SAT vocab. </p>

<p>For Writing look at Silverturtlels SAT Guide. It is at the top of the SAT thread page. It has everything you need to know about college admission to grammar for the Writing section.</p>

<p>You should retake both subject tests. Just look at spark notes for bio. it should be enough for a 700+. you could easily go through it in 3-4 weeks before the November test date ,right after you take your SAT in October.</p>

<p>Your GPA is pretty decent, but your current scores will certainly hold you back. Take all the tests in the Collegeboard Bluebook after you've finished Barron's and memorize all the words in Direct Hits. You would also need to raise your subject tests, which you could start focusing on after the SAT I. Either take new subjects you might perform better in, or re-take Biology and Math. If you're re-taking Biology, you should try to go through a review book and take some practice tests. For Math, you should also be taking numerous practice tests. A score of 540 in Math is considered to be quite low.</p>

<p>For Subject Tests scores of 700+ are considered competitive. For Math 2 make sure you know Algebra I and II, Geometry, and Pre-Cal if you don't already. For practice tests do some Regents tests here: Elementary/Intermediate</a> Tests and Regents Examinations:OSA:NYSED and look for the "Official Study Guide for SAT Subject Math Tests" at a library made by CB with two previously tested Math II tests.</p>

<p>Also, don't take SAT II Literature. It has a very harsh curve (probably the harshest of all SAT IIs) and you have to know how to analyze 18th and 19th century poems, but it is doable to get 800.</p>

<p>If you can't break 500 in CR, it is unlikely you'll do well on the Literature subject test. They may test different things, but they are both related to your skills at English and literature, and a 500 in CR might suggest poor English/literature (test-taking) skills. The Literature exam is considered to be one of the hardest to score well on. </p>

<p>Scores in the 600 range should be decent enough for the lower to mid UCs, but if you're aiming at UCLA and Berkeley, you should be aiming for 700+ on each subject test and a 2100+ SAT score.</p>