About Agnes Scott College

I have recently been admitted to Agnes Scott but have never had a chance to visit the campus (I’m from just outside of Boston). I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about the feel of the school, the campus, or the surrounding city. I don’t know much about the school so any and all information is welcome! Thanks!

It’s very small. I really loved the feel of the campus and the town where it’s located. Pretty good access to Atlanta too. The girls are friendly and nice.

Just came back from ASC this weekend and was very, very impressed. Beautiful campus that does not feel at all small. There is an incredible focus on individual students development and success. I’m hoping for enough $ and that D attends.

We were also at ASC last weekend for Sholar’s weekend. It was nerve wracking but the campus and staff were lovely.

Scholars not “Sholar’s”

@TsarinasMom Is your D still considering ASC? I think mine is 90% sure she wants to attend. We are waiting for other decisions but personally feel its the right fit and she would be happy there.

My daughter received the Marvin B Perry Scholarship (full ride). She is leaning towards ASC for this reason. She got accepted to Mount Holyoke and got 20K off her tuition. She says that MHC and ASC are tied for second in her choice of colleges. Her favorites are Bryn Mawr and Smith. These schools send out acceptances next week. She was accepted at UW-Madison and UM-Twin Cities but withdrew her applications bc she did not want to go Big Ten. I am a Badger alum so this saddens me

I forgot to mention that she feels that BMC, MHC, and Smith draw from a pool of students that have higher caliber education and test scores. But she said that ASC seems to really want her as a student.

@Collegemom2016 sorry I forgot to mention you in my previous posts. I really do hope my daughter picks ASC since it seems like a good fit but in my heart I feel like BMC is a better fit since she thrives with increase competition.

@TsarinasMom Thanks so much. I think once you get out of the Northeast, the scores start to drop a bit, but those are process measures as compared to outcomes measures. If you look at Rhodes or Centre, they’re acceptance rates are higher and the SAT scores are somewhat lower but they have amazing outcomes in terms of what they’re students do and where they go afterwards. D grew up in NYC and DC and so is anxious to get out of the Northeast corridor. Still waiting for Bryn Mawr and Smith, but I would prefer she go to ASC for the public health program and internship opportunity.

D got into Smith and received merit scholarship. She was invited to go to accepted students weekend, on their dime. Now I’m nervous since this means paying 40K a year if she goes to Smith.

My wife and daughter attended ASC Scholar’s Weekend and really enjoyed it. Wife said her takeaway is that ASC knows its “brand” and cachet are weaker so it tries A LOT harder - like Avis - to deliver an exceptional education experience. She was very impressed with President Kiss’ hustle and commitment to delivering a 360 degree experience that is globally focussed, and prepares grads for either a job upon graduation or a grad school path.

She thought ASC offered everything that Wellesley does, albeit, without the name recognition and cachet. Oh, and while the ASC campus is very nice, the Wellesley campus is ne plus ultra. Simply amazing. Daughter has visited Wellesley three times and really enjoyed it. Still, ASC will definitely be a finalist when it comes to the selection decision in April.

@TsarinasMom Congrats to your daughter!!! D has decided to attend ASC, and I’m very happy and relieved this is over. She is seriously considering double majoring in history and public health, so I think ASC makes sense with their CDC internships and relationship with Emory.

@Collegemom2016, thanks for your well wishes. D got into Bryn Mawr, so the decision becomes much harder!

@TsarinasMom I really recommend over night visits. I think it’s the best way to really see what the culture is like at the school. D did an overnight at MHC and it moved it off her top 3 list and ultimately led to her enrolling at ASC. Overnight visits at both schools will be very helpful in making a final decision.

@Collegem2016, she was a travel scholar at Bryn Mawr in October and she loved it. She also did an overnight at Wellesley and decided that it wasn’t for her.

@TsarinasMom Yes, the overnights are really helpful. Other thought is to join the Facebook admitted students page, see what the other kids are like, provides some insight into the kids who are admitted, although not all of them enroll.