About Application

<p>Colleges say that they like to see your interest in the college. What does that mean though; how do you show your interest in an application?</p>

<p>Outside the application, you can visit, interview (and show genuine interest and knowledge to the alumnus who interviews you), or email your regional admissions officer if you have questions.</p>

<p>On the app, really your only opportunity for showing interest is the supplements, especially the "Why Us?" Your "Why" essay should be specific, thoroughly researched, and unique to both yourself and the school to which you are applying.</p>

<p>The other way to show interest is to take the time with your application to submit the best application that you can. This includes putting lots of thought into the short answer questions on the supplement.</p>

<p>Most colleges don't factor interest into admissions when it comes to things like visits, e-mailing, etc.</p>

<p>However, most colleges do pay attention to the content of your application, so make sure that yours is as good as possible.</p>