About CC!!

<p>Since Collegeconfid. is a website and ppl from all over the world post their stats and chances, do a lot of the ppl actually get into the top ivies? There are soooo many ppl who post and who look good, and sooo many where ppl tell them that they have a good chance of getting into ivy league colleges, i wonder are these the ppl who make up a small - decent percentage of ivy league colleges, i mean the ppl who post on the ivy league discussion boards? Does anyone know if the ppl who post and the ppl who reply actually know what they are talking about when they rate chances? A lot of ppl from CC must get into ivy league colleges then, because when i look around, many have great profiles and great comments from other ppl. I myself have posted stats up on the harvard discussion board (go check them out and rate me!!!) and ppl there have said i have a 60%, 70%, and one 40% chance, and im kinda relying on these to consider applying to harvard, but i was wondering are the stats others post for me and others like me really true? Anyone have any answers to this?</p>

<p>A lot of people from CC do get into top schools. If you look on the old board in the archived threads, you should be able to find huge threads on who got in/who didn't.</p>

<p>However, just because people on CC get into top schools, doesn't mean they know what they're talking about. Sure, as a whole there's an abundance of knowledge on the admissions system in this web site, but there's also a lot of misinformation.</p>