About FAFSA...

<p>I've heard a lot about it and I knew it was some sort of financial aid, so I didn't think I would qualify, but my friend just told me that anyone can apply and that anybody of any circumstance can potentially get some financial aid...that being said, is it too late for me to apply with the deadline having been Feb 1st? I heard it's not too late, but I just won't get priority...
Does anyone know what I can do to strengthen my chances of receiving some financial aid?</p>

<p>Check your schools website, they will have a deadline- i would suggest you fill it out anyway, but you have probably missed the priority deadline, so some aid may not be available, but all you can do it ask/try</p>

<p>Better late than never. You should fill out FAFSA, even if the deadline passed. You at least have a chance of receiving aid.</p>

<p>This has been said many times! FAFSA is an application for financial aid, it is not a fund for financial aid. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is a vehicle for schools' deciding how much, if any, aid they will give you. It is not a fund in and of itself. Each school will end up interpreting the FAFSA's information differently.</p>

<p>You really can't "strengthen" your chances of getting financial aid, but you certainly should fill out the FASFA even if you feel you don't qualify. </p>

<p>For example if your EFC comes out to 40K and the COA is 50K and your school is known to meet need you may end up with a small grant or loan. </p>

<p>But you should certainly take a look at the thread on "disapointing FA offers to really see that financial aid is not all it's cracked up to be. Lots and lots of students are finding that their state school is their only option. It appears as if you feel that your parents can foot your bill so you are in a much better position and you may find that anything you get will just ease the financial burden. </p>

<p>Just remember that the FASFA only considers income and assets. Schools can calculate need any way they want and will typically consider the equity in your home. So the estimated family contribution (EFC) that shows up when you file your FASFA may not be the same as the one calculated by your schools. You also need to find out if your schools require the CSS profile or a school financial aid form. Look on their financial aid websites. </p>

<p>So, sign up for a pin, fill out the FASFA and good luck.</p>

<p>the ONLY guaranteed FA is a stafford loan (3500 for freshman). Some will get it subsidized (accrued interest is paid by govt), others (with little need) will get unsubsidized.</p>