About late payments, holds on account please help!!!

<p>Hi, I have been stressed out all summer and forgot to mind attention to my BAR account, my URSA account says that I am not eligible for anything, and it is because I haven't payed and it has been about 1 month since, what happens next? am I not able to go to school anymore, or can I just pay asap, and be fine? Please help I do not know what is going on.</p>

<p>Hi, I haven't made a payment and when I got to URSA it tells me that I am not eligible for student services, I plan on paying the full amount by tomorrow, but</p>

<p>did they drop all my classes i previously registered for?</p>

<p>will I even be able to attend this Fall?</p>

<p>am I dropped from the school?</p>

<p>will this affect me in any other way?</p>

<p>please help, thanks in advance</p>

<p>I think your best bet is to actually call the Registrar Office and asked them these questions. Most of us on CC never had any of these experiences, so we can't answer them. If you want to know, call UCLA.</p>