About NYU's CAS Course!


<p>I am loving the idea of NYU, but im a bit confused by this core for CAS. I hear it goes for 2 years and it's pretty much all areas combined.</p>

<p>So i'm assuming the next two years i will be picking my subjects, if i'm wanting to do a pre-med major, how many more electives outside of this will i have?
Can i do electives from Tisch (i've read you can) but will i have enough free subjects? What about doing Writing subjects? And continuing French?</p>

<p>so yeah..
Can someone please fill me in on how many electives i get to choose because i want to do a Biology or Chemistry major and then also do Acting, Writing & Language subjects, hope this is possible:)</p>



<p>I think you're a little confused. CAS has a core called the Morse Academic Plan (MAP) but it doesn't go on for 2 full years, it's only a handful of courses. So yes, you can major in Biology or Chemistry and have plenty of electives left over for Acting or anything else you like.</p>

<p>^ Oh really, i think i read the website wrong.. How many subjects are done for MAP then? I thought it was literally 2 full years (which is 16 subjects all together)</p>

<p>MAP is
2 sem NatSci
2 sem Quantitative Reasoning
1 sem ConWest (now texts and ideas or something)
1 sem World Cultures (now cultures and contexts)
1 sem Social Science (some include intro to psych, intro to econ, sca classes)
1 sem Expressive Culture
to Inter 2 in a language (from the start that would be 4 sem regular, 2 sem intensive)
Writing the essay (no way out of this one)</p>

<p>there are a lot of classes you can exempt out of. for example if you are a pre-med (i am so feel free to ask any questions) you exempt out of nat scis because obviously you have a ton of sciences to deal with anyway. also pre-med is NOT a major at nyu so you have to choose something else to major in (however bio and chem both require a lot of the pre-med courses so there's overlap there too. it's not required though, i'm a social and cultural analysis major). you can place out of the QR if you get AP calc credit (1 for AB and 2 for BC). you can place out of language (they only require you to get to intermediate 2) if you studied it in high school and take the placement test during orientation. if you're in a humanities major usually that counts for one of the humanties above. there's a lot of overlap of curriculum and you usually get a chance to start on a major first year without getting too far in (ie. you can change majors without wasting too many credits).</p>

<p>as for electives, you do have some options but as a pre-med you will be busy. having a bio or chem major helps you condense your requirements (major and premed reqs overlap) but again you'll have to be very careful about where you spend your other credits. you can take other arts courses (writing, acting, social sciences) but you can only take a certain amount of credits in a different school (ex. Tisch or Steinhardt) and at least in Tisch a lot of classes are for majors only or have prereqs. additionally as a premed gpa is important enough that it is worth considering what a class will do to your gpa before you take it.</p>

<p>Thank you so much for the reply.
Oh wow i keep heaps of extra classes then!
How many subjects usually a major? For example a Chemistry or Biology major?
Can i do a double major in Writing and Chemistry, or is writing, as you said, restricted as it's from Tisch and i can only do electives?</p>


<p>That was a very concise and helpful summary of required CAS courses. Very clearly laid out. Thank you!</p>

<p>I think that there is only one semester of Quantitative Reasoning required. And this year they are requiring that you take QR as a prerequisite to the Natural Science I course. Here is a helpful section from the Morse Academic Plan link:</p>

<p>In the FSI, Quantitative Reasoning, or exemption from it, is prerequisite to Natural Science I; likewise, Natural Science I is prerequisite to Natural Science II. Students should therefore plan to complete these three courses in this order.</p>

<p>littleRain: The number of classes required for a major really depends on the major. For example my major (SCA) is 13 class while I think Psych and Spanish are both 8 or 9. You can look them up on the website for the specific department. You would almost definitely have room for a double major if you were a Chem majoring pre-med (considering the overlap). I feel like there must be some way you can double major over two different schools but I have no idea how so you'd have to check with your advisor. However if you did manage to declare a second major in a different school you wouldn't have problems signing up for your classes because it's your major and you get priority. I argument for being able to do so is that it's your money and your education, you should be able to have the curriculum you want time and credits allowed. However NYU is an enormous bureaucracy and it can be difficult to navigate the "rules".</p>

<p>CASmom: Yes i would definitely trust what the website says. I personally did not have to do either QR or NatSci because of the premed and I got Calc credit. Additionally, I forgot to mention there is a QR exemption exam that you can take during orientation if you don't have Calc credit but don't want to take QR. From what I hear it is not very difficult and definitely worth trying (it's annoying to take a math test in the summer but you don't have anything to lose).</p>

<p>Thank you !!!
I get it, so basically there is like 8~12 classes for the MAP,
and the other 32-MAP are for major, diplomas and electives?