【About Self-Study AP Physics】

<p>Hey, CCs!
I'm going to read Grade 11 in September this year,
and my school only have regular physics in Senior year,
but I personally enjoy physics a lot, and wanna self study AP Physics B, taking the test in May 2011.
My current chemistry teacher also teaches regular physics, and I talked to him,
he told me to get AP credit in college, I have to take the courses, do the lab work, and then take the AP test.
If I self study AP physics I cannot get the college credit even I have 5 in my AP test.</p>

<p>【My question is: why I saw lots of CCs self study a good deal of APs, but they never metioned such thing? Do I have to take the courses to get the credits?】</p>

<p>Thanks a million!!!</p>

<p>That's not true, at least not for most colleges. Your colleges probably wouldn't even know that you self-studied, so it wouldn't matter anyways. Sometimes they may require you to show them lab work, whether you took the class or not, especially for AP Chem or Bio, but don't worry about it.</p>

<p>You won't even get credits for AP Physics B...stupid teacher. For AP Chem, you do need labs, they are seriously important, at least in most universities.</p>

<p>Are you in the USA?</p>

<p>And by the way, that's not true. Self-studying will get you credit if credit is offered for that course and you get the required score.</p>

<p>Yeah, but the credit they give you is crap.</p>

<p>It seems to be OK for me to self study AP physics, according to the College Board. Thanks, guys!</p>