about sending recommendation letters

<p>I am an international student, and I have requested my teachers and my peer to write me recommendation letters. But it will cost us a lot if they express the letters seperately. Is it available for them to enveloped each letters in different envelops, and express them to the college together? They can sign names on the envelops to indicate I have never read it before. I can't catch up with the dealine if I don't express the file.</p>


<p>I hope someone can answer my question</p>

<p>It is common in the US for many students to have rec letters gathered by a school counselor and sent as a group to a college. If you have a counselor that can be the point man that would be ideal; otherwise You can do the same in the fashion you suggest.</p>

<p>So can I put all things, including my materials into one bags for sending?</p>

<p>where are you from?</p>