About TCU?

<p>Hi! I'm applying to TCU (well applied... sent my app today!) and wanted to see others opinions of the school! i just wanted to see, if you go there or visited, what you like/dont like about it. I also wanted to know if because Greek life is so prevelent at TCU is there alot partying? Any information about the school would be awesome! I'm planning to visit sometime next month but i would love to hear your opinions on it!
Thanks :)</p>

<p>I personally loved it there! I have visited quite a few other private schools and even public schools and it came down to me choosing TCU! I have been up to the campus three times and plan on going up in january again... i really have no complaints. The campus is BEAUTIFUL! and everybody i ran into was friendly and welcoming... the faculty is extremely helpful and will answer any questions you have as a prospective student. The Residential Life seems like one of the best, but im not sure about the Greek Life, im also interested in it and i know it does hold a strong presence. TCU is unique because you can have get the small school with the big campus feel.</p>

<p>I don't go to TCU, but i live in fort worth and i'm definitely considering TCU as one of my top choices to transfer to. I know friends that go there and I used to love to drive around the campus when I was in high school :D. like jacey said, the campus is beautiful, I really love the campus. They recently built new halls, couple of years old actually, but still really nice, as of greek life, i'm not too sure, its a small school so there is not many frat's and sororities. Compared to other private schools like baylor, the partying is better at TCU.</p>

<p>We've visited TCU many times, for an older son. We'll be visiting again this year for a younger son. We absolutely love this school. It's a gorgeous campus, as others have said. The new buildings are beautiful -- great dorms after freshman year, good enough dorms during freshman year. Very friendly, very happy people all over campus -- teachers, staff, students. Personable, caring faculty. Great football team. Pretty good music and dance program with talented students. Amazing location ... tons of stuff to do in the area. The arts district is a few miles down the road (museums, Japanese Gardens, site of the annual rodeo), Fort Worth Zoo, restaurants, hike/bike trail along the Trinity River, Bass Hall and other performing arts venues in downtown Fort Worth (just a handful of miles away). Great shopping. My oldest son got a full-tuition scholarship but turned it down for another school's full-tuition offer. Nothing against TCU -- we loved it -- but he finally decided that his major might be better served at the other school. It was a very tough decision.</p>

<p>I'm a freshman and I love it here at TCU! My one piece of advice to you is this: go to the sports grill called 1873 in the Brown Lupton University Union and order a Xango. Lovee.</p>

<p>To answer your questions:</p>

<li>TCU is about 40% Greek. Sometimes it feels like the percent is higher than that. There are tons of parties, and here is the deal: The fraternities host almost every party on campus. The sororities don't host parties; they just go to fraternity parties. If you're a girl (greek or non greek) you can go to any party you want. However, if you're a guy, you MUST be in the fraternity to go to the party. Idk why girls join sororities...something about "being involved on campus" is what they always tell me.</li>

<p>Parties are hosted both in the Greek houses on campus and in the off campus houses of upperclassman fraternity brothers. If you're not greek, you can still find parties occasionally, but it doesn't really compare.</p>

<p>Why if you don't want to go Greek? I'm not Greek but I don't party much...so if you're fine with not going to parties much, don't worry about it. (Then again...if you're a party animal, wouldn't you join a frat anyways? Lol) Don't let the Greek life deter you from TCU though. You can still find a ton of friends (ie the other 60%) and there is a ton of stuff to do in the Metroplex!</p>

<p>Other things about TCU that are awesome:
-Football team!
-Unlimited free food
-Unlimited free chocolate milk and cookies
-We had college gameday come
-We had OneRepublic come
-They randomly set up inflatables on campus for people to use for free
-The girls are BEAUTIFUL
-The dorms have movie theaters in them</p>

<p>Hey top gun,</p>

<p>Could you (if you have the time) elaborate on how Ft. Worth and TCU interact, what dorm life is like, how "crazy" partying is, and what the social scene is generally like? (Oh yeah, and if you want to say anything about academics I guess that's important too!)</p>

<p>I'm down to TCU, Vanderbilt, and Baylor, but TCU is in the lead. </p>


<p>My daughter is a sophomore at TCU and to quote her, she is "obsessed" with her school! She's a southern California girl who has grown to love Texas with TCU & cowboy boots both topping her list of Texas favs. The truest statement said here is --> TCU is a smaller school with a big school feel. YES. Exactly. And I have heard that exact sentiment several times. It is top-notch Div. 1 and yet only 8000 students. SUCH A DEAL. Also, she knows people in and out of the Greek system (she's a very lukewarm member of a sorority...doesn't get all hyped up about it, but does go to meetings...) I would say that TCU offers just about everything any kid could want. And Fort Worth as well. Great dancing, shopping, art, gardens. Great FUN local food. I challenge anyone to go to FUZZY'S (just a block from campus) on a Friday night and NOT choose TCU!!! Amazing fun & food.</p>

<p>I'm so happy to see a relatively active TCU thread! Last year when a son was applying, the TCU threads just didn't seem to pick up any momentum. This is awesome, hearing so much input. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, everybody!</p>

<p>I wasn't involved last year but note that the TCU forum is comparatively quiet. Yet, it seems to be a GREAT school. We visited in July and found it to be extremely well - organized and the people very helpful. The campus is outstanding. Sadly the Frogs lost to Boise, but they did great otherwise!</p>

<p>TCU seems to provide a solid program in most fields. So it doesn't attract the Harvard crowd, its applicants are getting stronger and I think the school is up to the challenge!</p>

<p>Good luck to everyone.</p>

<p>I concur....this school is "hot" and getting hotter each year! Kids are discovering it & LOVING it!!!</p>

<p>One thing my daughter was leery of, was the diversity and she's been pleasantly surprised. She really did NOT want a "lily-white" school like SMU feels like where the Big Concern appears to be which purse you carry. The TCU kids are real, down-to-earth, and fun. They all choose their own path but share a quality of authenticity that she loves. Somehow she ended up in Moncrief (dorm) last year so she met lots of athletes from all over and in all sports. TCU is Div 1 all the way & attracts great athletes...yet still some of the nicest kids you could hope to meet. This is NOT always true at my son's school (USC) -- as much as he loves being a Trojan, he has plenty of unfavorable nicknames for most of the FB team. Too bad.<br>
May I recommend visiting TCU on a game day? (obviously this only works for you Juniors out there...)
Every time I leave Fort Worth & head back to California, I miss all the GREAT people you run into in that town. My quote to my daughter is -- "where do they hide all the rude, unhappy people in Fort Worth???"</p>

<p>I got accepted into TCU, my 1st choice.</p>

<p>Im also inerested in the frat life. Bodybuilding is kinda a huge part of my life, so I dont drink at all or party as much..</p>

<p>But Im still interested in the frat life, and being part of the whole social life of TCU..</p>

<p>Any suggestions? What's the difference between living in the dorms and in a frat dorm? </p>

<p>I read Pi Kappa Phi are more centered, down to earth, study more, and dont party as much..</p>

<p>Any thoughts?</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure there are a lot of real, down-to-earth, and fun kids at SMU too. Actually, I know there are, because I attend school there. Although there is money on SMU's campus, TCU isn't too far behind. Not to mention, a lot of students at SMU are on scholarship, so thats really only a small portion of the student body. Lets not perpetuate the dumb stereotypes.</p>

<p>my daughter said...
ummmm....if he doesnt want to party then join BUC</p>

<p>her roommate said...
Pi Kaps are really supportive good guys, all about the "brother hood", known for making grades and being down to earth, these guy are great guys that you would be friends with for the rest of your life-they will truly support you in any decisions you make about partying and what not, they are pretty involved on campus, sig eps are similar but party a little more, great guys but i don't see them as supportive of each other. Living in the frat houses can get wild at times, some more than others, if your very concerned about making your grades i would recommend living on campus, but you are required to live in dorms your first year anyways so that gives you a chance to stay focused and still hang out at the house to see if thats somewhere you would want to live the next year.</p>

<p>What is BUC?</p>

<p>I have no clue...will ask her!</p>

<p>buc is brothers under christ the christian fraternity</p>

<p>im pretty sure the acronymn is byx, to clarify.</p>

<p>Info on a college student for any questions ~</p>

<p>Lauren Enyart
Texas Christian University Sophomore
Major-Advertising/Public Relations Minor-Psychology
<a href="mailto:L.Enyart@tcu.edu">L.Enyart@tcu.edu</a></p>

<p>Hi, I will most likely be attending TCU next year and have a couple questions...</p>

<p>I saw that all greek housing is in dorms.. How does that system work? Do they have their parties there and is TCU a dry campus?</p>

<p>Also I am looking for some advice on the fraternities there. I plan on rushing and I know that it is the first week of school so there isn't much time to learn about them all? which ones have the best reputations?</p>

<p>thanks for the help</p>

<p>Pi Kapp and Sig Ep (Sigma Phi Epsilon) are the two most-rushed fraternities. Both of them party plenty..believe me...but they're the two fraternities with the highest GPAs, and while they do party, they actually care about your grades, etc. unlike many other fraternities. They also respect women a lot, and don't do dumb things like hazing. I pledged Pi Kapp and my roommate is a SigEp so we've gotten to know the fraternities pretty well...</p>

<p>As for "BUC", what you're referring to is BUX, which is Brothers Under Christ (or Beta Upsilon Chi). It's not an official IFC fraternity (it doesn't have a house in the Greek) but it has a lot of members and they still participate in all the Greek events like the Theta 5k, Anchor Splash, etc.</p>