About the Admissions Interview

<p>As if the initial visits and sample lessons with professors, etc aren't enough! When does the admissions interview occur? Is this needed for music ed or performance majors? Should we try to schedule it during the initial visit to the school?</p>

<p>For most music programs, the audition IS the admissions interview. Check each school to see if an admissions interview is part of the process. (I can only remember one interview when D was an aspiring undergrad---and that was really a scholarship interview)</p>

<p>D is a singer so it might be a little different. Of Eastman, Cincinnati, Curtis, Oberlin, NEC, only Eastman had an admissions office interview. It was scheduled by the admissions office on her audition day. There were two other people in the "interview" also. We had also already met with all of the teachers during our junior year visits.</p>

<p>Hi there. At my son's school, there are, I think, three exceptions to the above note: Music Ed; Composition; and Performing Arts Technology (all curricula; eg. performance, multimedia music and engineering).
In the case, then, of UMich, you would meet with a panel (I think it's usually 3) of department profs at their invitation and at the time/date they establish (which is also an audition day, usually, so that you're not making two trips.)</p>

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<p>Pretty standard for music ed and composition, less so for performance, but it usually follows the outline of past experiences, teachers, why ed (or comp, or performance), pieces you're working on, where do you see yourself in five, ten years.</p>

<p>D auditioned for MusEd/clarinet at various schools and all had the MusEd interview the same day as the audition. Some also scheduled piano skills/sight-singing/music theory placement exams on audition day, although some were optional.</p>