About The Grapes of Wrath...

<p>So yea...
In the discussion session, what will actually happen? Is this a serious academic sorta discussion or just a waste of time that no one really cares about?</p>

<p>Waste of time.</p>

<p>ooook that's a relief
i haven't even started reading that book...let alone writing an essay...</p>

Waste of time.


How do you know this?</p>

<p>^thats what I was thinking. (co)</p>

<p>It's probably one of the most intellectually stimulating discussions you've ever heard/will ever hear. It is never a waste of time. All the students have their heads down because they're busy scribbling notes about what the guest speakers are saying.</p>

<p>Depends a ton on who's leading your discussion. Since there are so many sections (each has maybe 15 students) they ask everyone from distinguished professors to university librarians. I got an ILR professor, and she took the whole thing pretty seriously. She had a list of intense discussion questions. She didn't call on anyone, but then again, most people in my section participated, so she didn't really need to...</p>

<p>Again, you really can skip out on it if you like. If it's causing you a lot of anxiety for whatever reason, just forget about it.</p>