about the Housing

<p>I really wanted to visit the campus but since i'm an international student, i couldn't go..
I'm really worried about the dorms because i don't know anything about it.
fyi, i'm a journalism major
please tell me, which one is most suitable for a freshman?(or, which dorm is the best?)</p>

<p>Which residence hall is best for you is really dependent on what you're looking for. I always recommend the Superblock for freshmen - Frontier, Territorial, Pioneer, Centennial. The journalism building, Murphy Hall, is located nearby, and the Superblock generally gives freshmen a greater opportunity to meet a wide range of people and the residence halls generally offer a greater number of programs to attend. Many international students live in Centennial Hall, as they remain open for most of the major school breaks, unlike some of the other dorms.</p>

<p>If you're looking for something quieter atmosphere with a greater arts influence, Middlebrook is a great community on the West Bank. As a social science major, I spent a lot of time on the West Bank and loved it, but really appreciated the time that I spent living in the Superblock.</p>

<p>Remember that you can look at pictures and descriptions of all their halls on their website.
University</a> of Minnesota Housing & Residential Life - Halls and Apartments</p>