About those matriculation forms...

<p>How strict are they on the deadlines.</p>

<p>Like the one that said June 15th. If I turned the online ones a day late and the paper form (like the medical insurance one) a week late since I'll mail it tomorrow, do you think they'll mind?</p>

<p>the probably won't. i got an email today saying (well paraphrased here) "we didn't receive your stuff. if you're not gonna enroll then let us know; but if you are, send those forms ASAP as they were due on the 15th." </p>

<p>and they did say "as soon as possible." so don't worry if it's a week-ish late.</p>

<p>If you didn't hear from them yet you probably were rescinded. Good news, though! Someone got in off the waitlist due to you. :)</p>