About to submit....is my essay to long?

<p>My essays range from 720-735 depending on the school. My general common app essays that is. Way to long? Heeheheheh kinda nervous.........</p>

<p>mine was much longer. as far as i know you definitely shouldn't be worried about 735. i on the other hand, should possibly worry...</p>

<p>I don't think that's too long at all. They set a minimum on the common app and most schools say they expect you to put considerable effort into the essay. 735 isn't much longer than the normal common app essay anyway.</p>

<p>I've already got accepted with an essay almost twice as long. Just as long as you didn't ramble and made sure to use all 735 words wisely, you'll be fine.</p>

Just as long as you made sure to use all 735 words wisely, you'll be fine.

Truer words were never spoken. If you think it might be too long, it likely is. It is a rare piece of writing which cannot be improved by editing and tightening. </p>

<p>If you can wait until later today and would like someone to review, you can PM me. If you need to submit right away, look at it with a fresh eye - remove unnecessary detail, remove extraneous words, make sure the reader is "drawn in" by the essay the entire time.</p>

<p>Well by about to submit I meant by the first. I still have to go over my grammar again, and have someone else look over it for mistakes. I really think I needed it to be long to get my point across. My problem is that I am not a good writer.......lol
EDIT: Andale that is a very nice offer. I will think about it. I have always been afraid to release information on the internet though, it's because I am a very weird person. Not to call you untrustworthy but I would have to think about it first. I really do appreciate your offer though.</p>

<p>Understood, ElderCookies. You are smart to think twice.</p>

<p>So you know, I am a parent and my kid is already a junior who has transferred. So no hidden agenda. And, as a Moderator, I think you can trust me. I have reviewed gadzillions of essays for gadzillions of ccers, so you can feel confident that there is a safe history.</p>

<p>But this is not to pressure you. Just that, if you do want some outside review, this would be a safe option. I do NOT personally think it is wise to have other transfer applicants review each other's essays. Too much chance of plagiarism by the bad apple few... even though most are fair and honest.</p>